Ace says ……Happy New Year …but there’s more …

Happy New Year 😁

Well Hello …Friends, Followers & Readers its close to becoming 2021 in just a few hours in U.K. and one hour before #Brexit Done …….

Its nearly 2021 ….enjoy

Now my editor has pointed out earlier that we are sitting watching the snow ….on this post here: and that they are providing this night a overview of the Australian news coverage ……well theres more …….

I AM ….Preparing for 2021 and after leaving EU ….so as l muse over the past …not just 12 months but last 5yrs as two sides of the debate over LEAVE or REMAIN in the European Union ………..l PUBLISHED posts like this one just called #Brexit and at each turn tried to REMAIN (excuse the pun) impartial ….as l was just 19yrs of age when we became part of this now massive union of members and knew it as the Common Market …..but there’s more ……

My musing took me to a point last night as they voted on the deal that PM Boris got after we LEAVE and my thoughts were …..WHAT would God WANT for US in this KINGDOM ………I mean he knows before we do what will happen NEXT …..So whatever PM Boris or the EU do in the END it is just a piece of paper of which came from the tree of his creation ……..but there’s more …..

And if you take time out of your busy LIFE and simply reflect on the first 5 books of the bible …we begin with Genesis (Creation) l mean we do not KNOW or have the KNOWLEDGE of the mind map of HOW its ALL put together OR even works …….but still we fiddle while Rome burns ( by the way the agreement with the EU started wit the Treaty of Rome but that will soon be the past ….for the U.K. but there’s more ……

The European Union will still become the final rise of the ‘ Holy Roman Empire ‘ under their future with US and president-elect Joe Biden as the ‘ United States of Europe ‘ predicted at the END of DAYS we are now entering ….but there’s more …………

That is just creation or GENESIS and look what we have done in 2,0020 years and still without a clue on HOW or WHAT we are doing like a madman with a jigsaw of PIECES but NO PICTURE of what it will look like WE blindly carryon putting the PIECES in the WRONG order …..well WE did not create the SHAPE of the world in 7-days ….God did ….so he has the drawing or picture and so far has NOT given it to ANYONE on this earth …..but there’s more ……

Hes coming ……but not when you expect him when your ready …..

Referencing the Bible again we have Leviticus or LETTERS and then NUMBERS … look around your own ENVIROMENT and what do you see ….well everything is MADE or CREATED by simple LETTERS AND NUMBERS ……For instance take the ALPHA-bet in the U.K. …..26-letters and then numbers simply 0-9 repeated in certain sequences and EVERY WORD that comes from God is in those items around your home …..Now God brought the animals to Adam or Alpha to name and he did …….it would be great to KNOW with our KNOWLEDGE what items GOD wants and WHAT he does NOT …….but theres more …..

Now some WILL NOT understand what God WANTS …l mean ‘ The Word Was Amongst Us ‘ and WE comprehended it not as it said in REVELATIONS (UNDERSTANDING) takes teaching … WHEN he arrives he will COME a second time as before to TEACH and some will not COMPREHEND his WORD …………….In fact WE were told by him ‘ And The MEEK Will INHERIT The Earth ‘ and God will make the WAY visible to those who see with their ❤️ As the clock ticks away tonight to 2021 …could this be the year …..???

Has the countdown begun …….or is this in preparation but there’s more …….

When he comes will WE be ready to RECEIVE his WORD or will WE still be WANTING OUR OWN WAY and NOT READY but the QUESTION asked is WILL YOU BE READY …..Well l ask WILL YOU ?

Until next time PREPARE in your ❤️ for his coming and be safe and God Bless you ALL Amen 🙏’s and 🌟to guide you to him …just as in the BEGINNING to herald the SAVIOURS BIRTH

Happy New Year to all our Friends celebrating in the snow in England. A little thought from Australia keep typing 😁

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Oh my goodness Master of the pen ✒️ are you lost in wonderland 😁 pick up your pen ✒️. I thought of you today watching you on Social media. Perhaps you spark along that head block reblog our blogs 🤣🤗 how’s that for an idea. Scrap the bits and pieces and rewrite. 🧡🧡🧡

Thank you, Sir, for your kind words. Sending Peace and Light 🕊🕊 When you’re drowning you don’t think, ‘I would be incredibly pleased if someone would notice I’m drowning and come and rescue me.’ You just scream. The earth is suffering perhaps it’s the journey of cleansing our souls. Mary Mother of Jesus still recalls the pain, intense pain with tears running down her face as she lay under that bloody cross with blood dripping from her Son Jesus whilst he suffered the torture of man to forgive us our sins. God never took any one’s life. God is a loving God 😔 Master has tears when he recites quietly ” Jesus was the greatest socialist that ever walked this earth spreading God his father’s words, Jesus Christ travelled lands spreading truth! Man worshipped idols, churches, in truth he said to burn these down. ” Look what man did! They murdered Jesus Christ. Those who talk the truth will also be murdered. Men’s egotistical greed to control innocent people is not godly. Protect yourself walk with no shoes through shards of glass you are exempt from Satan walk on 💥🕊🕊💫💫 Shalom our friend we walk behind. Buddhism is just a way of living life under Jesus Christ 🙏 man-made religion is Satan himself 😔

The past is just the beginning as the beginning is the past that has now ended but time will erode daily as this is not of mankind’s making …they may add a 🕰 or any timepiece call it 24hrs or PM or AM but still time erodes …..its not how long we have on earth that matters but HOW we used it to LOVE his people and bring them back into the light 🌟 oncemore Shalom 🙏’s

Dear god, hope you get the letter and
I pray you can make it better down here
I don’t mean a big reduction in the price of beer
Dear god, sorry to disturb you
We all need a big reduction in amount of tears
And all the people that you made in your image
See them fighting in the street
Cause they can’t make opinions meet
Dear god, xtc
Happy New Year Ace, Cheers 😜

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