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Published: Oct.01, 2021: @AceiShop


“This is what I do know, what I do remember with perfect clarity. When the station wagon hit the convertible, a camera came flying out of the convertible and landed on the sandy strip next to the car. It was a Kodak Instamatic, the kind that took a rotating flash cube. Our family owned one […] 

On the Internet, We’re Always Famous

“Never before in history have so many people been under the gaze of so many strangers.” 

Strangers in Our Own Homes

“We frequently ghost ourselves even when we are looking in the mirror, hoping to show up worthier, richer, fairer, and lovelier for this country.” 

It’s Time for Men to Start Talking About Male Infertility. I’ll Go First.

“We can form a whole new language that moves us away from the reductive and sexist tropes tied to infertility, that a woman’s biological clock is the single biggest fertility issue. For one in three heterosexual couples with fertility problems, there are issues with the man and the women, and in a further 8 percent […] 

“Put on the Diamonds”

“Anton Chekhov once observed that the worst thing life can do to human beings is to inflict humiliation. Nothing, nothing, nothing in the world can destroy the soul as much as outright humiliation.” 

Ruth Ozeki, Amplifier

“But mild she is not. (Ruth) Ozeki, now 65, lived at least four lives before she even started writing. She published her first book when she was 42. From that novel, 1998’s My Year of Meats, through All Over Creation, the Booker Prize–shortlisted A Tale for the Time Being, and a memoir called The Face: […] 

When Dasani Left Home

“What happens when trying to escape poverty means separating from your family at 13?” 

Russia Has an Opioid Crisis Too – One of Untreated Pain

“While the US and some other Western countries are struggling to contain an opioid crisis caused, in part, by overprescription of narcotic analgesics, Russia has the opposite problem: Hundreds of thousands of cancer and other patients in severe pain are denied adequate pain relief due to a repressive drug control system, a stifling bureaucracy, a […] 

Reporter’s Diary: Finding Forgiveness in Burundi’s Mass Graves

“Burundians I spoke with want more from the commission than simply chronicling the bloodshed, though: Most have lost family members during the killings and were hoping the exhumations would bring personal closure.”

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