Ace & Kindness Become One ….

Today is my first post on this blog site and l was and became an author ….rarely l write about my life first my name ACE is a combination of the beginning & end …As A is for Adam (Alpha) or consciousness with C is Christian or Christ Ian and E is for Elohim the name given to God My Father, but there’s more ……

As l said its the beginning & end and in so saying the disciple of Jesus Judas threw the 30-pieces of silver over a piece of land called AceLDama and so began the reign of mans choice between a thief, liar and a murderer and Jesus (beginning with the letter I and called Ieushu that some would argue dependent on language as Jesu or eventually Jesus and there’s more …..

As the end is the beginning so the beginning is the end and all things that became born from after mans fall from grace by their choice of Barabas and not Jesus have corrupted the ‘ Word of God ‘ and in the end as in the beginning of all things, eventually that corruption will end but there’s more …….

But this is for my next post ……..So with thanks l dedicate this first post to Kindness and with Love l say to all their readers …there’s more ….Amen (Hebrew) for dedicated by the truth that will set you free

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