Ace says ……Red & Green Should NEVER be seen but that seems not to apply at Christmas

Nothing is black or white.💫

Hello Friend, Followers & now this is different and found it on the net and the reason why ….these two colours are so dominate at Christmas ……….but there’s more …

I was told by my parents as a child …..never wear Red & Green together its bad luck ……no l was an inquisitive child (some would say nosey) but l could not always understand what a parent would mean ….for instance “ don’t eat sweets they ruin your teeth ‘ but if you are a good boy you can have some sweets ‘ so l decided l was confused … l have to be bad l though, then l would have perfect teeth ……..but there’s more

So why ? Does Red & Green dominate Christmas ….this is what l found ….

Today, Christmas is synonymous with Santa Claus, tinseled trees, and that iconic red-and-green color scheme. But believe it or not, there was once a time when holiday cards would feature the colors blue and whitejust as often as they would red and green. That all changed in 1931 when Coca-Cola, the world’s most popular soda maker, hired a new artist to illustrate Santa Claus named Haddon Sundblom.

Sundblom’s take on Kris Kringle was “fat and jolly—whereas before he was often thin and elf-like—and he had red robes,” Arielle Eckstut, co-author of The Secret Language of Color, explained to NPR in 2016. “The fact that all these things came together—this friendly, fat Santa in these bright red robes… this took hold in American culture.” The background colour Sundblom chose for his jolly old red-clad Saint Nick was green.

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Now l am not saying its right but it made sense and for me it says this to anyone reading this blog ……the reason why SANTA is SATAN wrapped up inside and it brings me to the Word of God and how our consciousness is so confusing as we navigate our daily lives …but there’s more

So when our parents tell us to be good and we believe as children that they must be right ….it may take many years before we put together all that they say and come to our conclusion ….but the child that was born on this day who came to lift our sins and take them away left us with unfinished business and as we wait for that second in time …..our world is starting to implode, as morals are no more and thieves abound and liars and murderers are in abundance ….its time to reflect on that made who was crucified and remember just what was said ……As the Romans decided on that bank holiday to grant a boon to the people that they could choose who should die and many shouted allowed “ Save Barrabas They Said “ and allow Jesus to die and so it was that a GOODMAN was crucified and we were left with a THIEF a LIAR & MURDERER until the day when God will forgive and mankind will stop ALL his wars……then NO more will be heard as peace will exist for a 1000 years and tears will be then wiped away …..but there’s more …..until then when the clock ticks the second he will come as reign over this world so on this day so long ago he was born in Bethlehem to tell us what was to come as these things take place …..there’s more to this story as the world one day will witness … as there’s more …..

Enjoy you day and spare a thought for the his son who may of died for US but died for HIM and left our earth to OURSELVES and look around and tell me if is balanced in anyway …..As RICH & POOR exist on this planet and the gap widens EVERMORE ….but the day will come and ALL tears will be washed away ….but until then we make the best of what we can and there will always be more …….

God Bless You on this and every day …….until the MORE of ROME is washed from our world FOREVERMORE …..Amen 🙏’S

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