Ace says ……he has nearly come …

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Hello my friends, followers & readers time for there’s more …..a lot has happened since we last spoke and many changes in the world…

We wait and pray for his arrival soon ..of whome you ask well thats a question as he has so any names that son some called him the Messiah, Christ or King of Kings but under whatever name you say he hears you everyday each and every word when you pray because this time its not just him ….but there’s more ……

I hear you ask as you read this blog ….what does he really mean well we were told in a book that we call the ‘ Holy Bible ‘ that one day he will come and make ‘ Peace Reign ‘ upon this earth once again …so here my readers on this blog l tell you there will be a trine of ‘ Father Son & Holy Spirit ‘ together on this earth as they will be one once again but first he will arrive from heaven on clouds as its been told and then on earth to build a kingdom then that can be washed away ………but there’s more ….

The people have suffered at mankind’s hand and made things go wrong by building on the land that a man once tossed the 13-pieces of silver and it began at a time in history that nobody would ever know, and it would end in misery as lost souls would witness those in power that control and rule the land and make laws so they could command that everyone did their bidding to pay their taxes and make them rich in a land of rich and poor …..but there’s more ….

So as time passed and 2,000yrs have passed and people begin to dispair that it will never take place and as we hit 21yrs more and people ask this question has God abandoned his flock and given up and gone away or are we not ready yet ……….if you were asked to give up what you have to help someone poor would look and say these words ……..they should work like others do ……..but after travelling across the world l can truly say that very few exist and of these and there are even less who care day to day ………so this l ask you too search your ❤️ and give someone a kind word each and every day and this l promise that by that act God is listening and he will say l will help that person to become able to be humble in other sight and not just give way, but to meet those in need of loving kindness and helped them forevermore, it takes a special person like that and God knows your ❤️ desire and when he finds this special person he helps them more and more ……..then it’s time to say there really is no more ……but for sometime and time again there’s also going to be more ……

As the women weep as their children are dying each and everyday and they need a hand and picking up and carrying for a time ……….but still so many people say they have no time as making time for someone in dispair, is not so easy when people want a bigger and better car or a larger house or more money in their bank account …..but there’s more ……….

I began this blog by saying this ..we are waiting for his arrival, not a time is given or place of arrival all we have is when its time ………as the the clock will tick and then one day we will feel him near …….the second hand on the clock goes round and stops when it gets near to the time of “ The Second Coming ‘ then ………but until that time and date in history as we dispair we wait and pray for help and guidance in our lives ………but l leave you with this word why not trying to pray this way and ask God how you can help him and then maybe next time when you return to read my blog again ……….your understanding will have become greater then and you will know that God heard your 🙏 …..but there’s more ………

Then upon that day when he arrives you will be ready to assist and aid as you will have learned his way as l have learned God wants us to become more like him with Kindness every day and for us to understand that we should put others first in our ❤️ each day and help those in need and know God has a plan ‘ for me and you ‘ that includes humility upon his earth that daycome for his ‘ sons and daughters of light ‘ as they waited for his ‘ Second Coming ‘ then and he will lead and go out into the world spreading the word of God and falseness will all be washed away and ‘ Peace & Goodwill ‘ will reign again as was written so long ago and all it took was just a 🙏 and asked how you could help…..but there’s more ………..

You will feel lifted up and made complete once more and in your ❤️ is God and he will love you evermore no more ‘ fear & flight ‘ Amen 🙏’s For those lost souls searching for the light 💫 until the next time …when there’s more …..

Published: Jan.22: 2021:

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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It’s True My FRiEnD
Not Unlike Buddha
Or Lao Tzu




To Come

To Be ‘The

Water’ Why?

‘They’ Only




The Water
Of Others Yet



Not Everyone
Has The Tools
And Experience

Required Now

To Understand

Poetry More



Must Find An
Ability To

Be Water
First After
They Come
To Drink Waters

Of Others
And in Turn



Free Until

The Lamb Who
Consumes The

Lion Becomes





Meal Of

God Free to

Give Some More…

Yawn Most Any one

Will Do It

Yet No


Will Be

‘The Water’

YeT Each Eternal

Soul Now Hard To

On A Dry

Mountain Top Snowy

Seeing From Valleys Lush

Green Only Traveled Before.. .

Yet Possible

And How


We “Know”…

Those Who Never

Seek Worship Or Fear

Criticism Those

Who Do Not

Live For Fame
And Fortune, Money,
Likes, Follows, Shares
Or Other Stuff


From All
Souls Who

Give And
Share Free

Often too
Big To See

In A World
Of only External
Worshipping Exclusive

“Goods” Wanna





If Any JeSuS

Were To Come Back

To How Every Sect

And Religion



Decided With

No Free Will For

Him To Do Whatever

He Pleases That Disagrees
With A Zillion Different

Views of
Who And


He Must

Be Indeed The
Reception By ‘Christians’

Would Be

Similar to
What Happened to Mike
Pence Even Disagreeing
With A Real Father

oF All
LieS on

Earth Do

You Really

Think God is

Gonna Come

And Fail




Before In

Human Man

Form to Face

The Same



Of Hanging

On A Manmade

Cross oF A Tree

No i

You Look
For Bugs Bunny




Find His

Rabbit Hole

Anywhere Within

Do You understand

Yet The Only


NoW Will

Possibly Come

Back And Survive

Any Way Yet



Of Us Now

Within Then

i Suggest

You Cherry

Pick Luke 17:21

And Chop the
Rest of


Apple Tree




Don’t Even



To Save Them
At All Why?





The Poetry It

WaS ONlyA ‘Cook

Book’ To Save

Our Selves

Not A Fire

To Destroy

This Gift of Heaven Within

And OMG Breathing Nature

Indeed Become ‘The Water’



Will Of

Love Without

Fear Loving

All With Least Harm

Within And Do Keep





Will SMile Back
At Ya God Meal Complete..🙏🌲

Sadly Many Boats
Stay in The Same
Old Harbor





Forever Now

Never Daring

To Sprout




To See More




Ocean Within🏝

And To Be Clear Your
Words Only Inspired

i Have

No Idea if

You Are Water, Wave,
Ocean Or Are Perfecting
A Real Trinity of



Balance Just
A Suggestion HeHe🌲🙏

I bet your fingers we tired after all that? All suggestions are welcome here 😌 everyone wants explanations, so on the search on a highway through lives of others my friend. There lays the danger of people joining Cults, Churches, clinging together. We both know that journey leads nowhere. The thirst for knowledge prevails for self. Self looking for a guarantee against death. That is human nature. Yes, we do die! That’s in the hands of God, he knows best 😌 Live on earth with mercy, compassion for all living things. God is a loving God. He will provide for all livings. Be advised man creates the mess they leave behind not God. Jesus said My Father has a place with many rooms for you. That simple.😌 By all means, seek knowledge but don’t harm anyone 😌 Don’t Judge, don’t wear ” Tags # ” Man-Made Religion is decisive. Is this a perfect world 🌎 no. Man makes sure of that all for egotistical needs! Shalom 😌😌🙌🙌

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