Australian Thoughts on The American Elections

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What Australians care about is all those poor souls dying and the American government of the day don’t give a ” rats arse ” about their own citizens @bestofnatureblog @acenewsservices

… all predicated of course on the incorrect assumption that the USA is a democracy and that the people choose the president. Well it ain’t. The founding fathers, mostly rich farmers or successful lawyers, back in the 18th century did not trust the concept of a “democratically” elected president. After Washington refused to accept the title of “king,” the then less than 1% came up withe concept of “electoral college” where the college membership would vote for the new “president” with a republican constitution and congress. Ask who appoints the electoral college? Why politicians in power of course. The college would be firmly under the control of the new “upper classes.” Thus America became an undemocratic republic which is evident to this day. The concept of “democracy” as we know it is snake oil sold to the the US masses by their rulers. If you don’t believe me, query why it costs millions of dollars to get a seat in congress and ask where the candidates get their money from?  Nearly all US politicians are owned from day one. Trump was different. He had his own loot and therefore was beholden to nobody.


It doesn’t really matter whether you like Donald Trump or you don’t

Over 70 million American People voted for Donald Trump and want to count every vote that was legal and

discard every vote that was not .

It doesn’t really matter if you like Joe Biden or you don’t .

 If this “Mexican Stand Off “between the Red [White] and Blue is not handled 

correctly then there will be trouble .

America is sitting on a powder keg .

Blind Freddy can easily see that Joe Biden was premature in announcing that he

was the 46th President Elect and should modify his rhetoric to embrace due 

process “The Rule Of Law” and the announcement by the 50 states as to who has won the electoral college in their respective constituencies .

Maybe Joe Biden has won and if so “good on him” .

Maybe Donald Trump has won and if son”good on him”

Handled incorrectly has the potential for a second civil war .

The American Civil War ran from 12th April 1861 to the 13th May 1865 

A battle between the Blue & The Grey one month after Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States .

Who would win that’s anybody’s guess however this time it could be citizen against 

citizen and neighbour against neighbour and rather tragically family against family 

It doesn’t really matter whether you like Donald Trump or you don’t .

Just for the record the opinions of foreign nationals~ foreign leaders

[with the exception of Vladimir Putin The American Media [with the exception of THE EPOCH TIMES which 

prides itself in “truth and tradition”] ~ Or the foreign media for that matter too.

It. Doesn’t really matter if you like Joe Biden or you don’t .

This marathon battle in my opinion will be fought out in the SUPREME COURT

of the United States And as we all know they are learned men & women of the

highest integrity who are not biased one way to t ’other


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