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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Gas crisis ‘spirals’ as ‘dozens of energy firms will be left to collapse, the Times says, as it reports the government will not bail out energy companies on the brink of going into administration allowing the larger ones to pick up customers at a higher rate and remove those off ‘fixed rates’ and costing everyone more …..

The Guardian front page
Concerns over rising gas prices dominate Tuesday’s front pages. The Guardian says No 10 has warned that hundreds of thousands of Britons face a “very, very difficult” winter with increasing household costs. The paper says energy firms fear the price shock could trigger a three-day week for factories and leave gaps on supermarket shelves.

Sept.22, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The i says taxpayers face footing the bill for energy firms which go bust. It also says the food industry is in turmoil over shortages of CO2, with meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, frozen goods and fizzy drinks production all in jeopardy.

The Daily Telegraph says Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is under growing pressure from energy companies to scrap the price cap, as the UK wholesale price of natural gas soared to a record high. But it reports that Mr Kwarteng insisted it “will remain in place” and assured consumers that their bills wouldn’t rise as a result of the crisis.

The Daily Express says consumer groups have warned that price hikes could force some families to choose “between heating or eating”.

The Financial Times says the business secretary has insisted there is “no question of the lights going out” this winter, as it says more energy firms are expected to collapse within days.

Leading on a different story, the Sun reports on the family of two children, who were found dead along with their mother and another child at a house in Derbyshire.

The Metro leads on the same story. It reports that Jason Bennett was “shattered” by the deaths of son John Paul, 13, and daughter Lacey, 11, as he laid flowers at a police cordon on Monday.

The Daily Star also leads on the gas crisis and its knock-on effects in the food industry. It puns on the Vera Lynn’s famous wartime song with its headline “We’ll meat again”.

The Times says dozens of suppliers “will be left to collapse”, after the government ruled out any bailouts for struggling firms on Monday.

The paper predicts millions of households will face higher fuel bills as customers from failing companies are moved to surviving firms, which will charge them the maximum allowed under the existing price cap.

The Telegraph reports there’s growing pressure for the price cap to be scrapped – and it understands energy companies have raised the issue repeatedly with the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

The suppliers have insisted they need to put up prices as the wholesale cost of natural gas has reached a record high.

The Scottish Daily Mail’s front page warns of a “winter of chaos”.

The Guardian talks of a “Winter of Discontent”, saying firms are warning that the energy price shock could trigger a three-day week for factories and gaps on supermarket shelves.

Though both papers say Mr Kwarteng has dismissed the idea of a shorter working week, the Guardian says senior Tories are among those urging Downing Street to wake up to the threat of households being “plunged into hardship”. It points out some people are also facing cuts to universal credit, as well as a rise in national insurance next year.

It’s all a “power struggle” puns the Daily Mirror. It describes the rises in payments for many people on cheap fixed-rate deals as “catastrophic”.

The paper says some energy suppliers are still offering fixed-rate plans, but with much higher charges of to £1,900 a year. The Mirror quotes industry insiders as saying it amounts to “price gouging” and it looks like some companies are “exploiting the panic”.

But there’s a more reassuring take for consumers in the Daily Express, which highlights a promise from the government in its headline: “We’ll protect you from the scourge of rising fuel bills”. 

And a final word on the energy crisis from the Telegraph’s cartoonist, Matt. He’s drawn two people in a kitchen with a pan on a gas cooker. One is holding up an egg timer and saying “this shows me how much time our gas provider has left”.

Sleepover massacre” is the headline of both the Metro and the Sun. They have front page pictures of a mother, her two children – aged 13 and 11 – and her daughter’s 11 year-old friend who were killed at a house in Derbyshire.The Sun says more than 3,000 people paid their respects at a candlelit vigil in Killamarsh last night. A man has been arrested.

The Daily Mail leads with its campaign for GPs to offer more consultations in person, saying it now has the backing of Boris Johnson.The paper describes a statement by the PM’s spokesman that every patient has the right to a face-to-face appointment as a “powerful intervention”.The Mail says charities are among those who’ve been calling for action amid fears that cancers and other serious health conditions are being missed.

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