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#AceDailyNews says here’s Newspaper Headlines: Holiday bookings ‘surge’ after GOVUK lifts restrictions as reported yesterday but they are now removing PCR Tests that have found the variants in favour of the cheaper lateral flow that do not ….so where from here as people believe the vaccine is the panacea of all protection but as our post today here confirms it does not always protect against variants even after double vaccine Kindness & Love❤️ says best advice wear a mask and keep a distance from people you don’t know have been vaccinated or not as the case maybe …more soon heres the cases today below:

Daily Mail front page
The Daily Mail says holiday bookings soared on Friday following changes to England’s travel rules. Travel agents were said by the paper to have been “deluged” within minutes of Turkey and the Maldives being removed from the red travel list, and the traffic light system being replaced with a simpler go/no-go regime with less Covid testing.

Sept.19, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Times says demand for foreign holidays is due to reach its highest levels this weekend since the start of the pandemic after the price of travel was dramatically cut. As part of the changes to travel rules, fully-vaccinated travellers will no longer need a negative lateral flow test before travelling into England or an expensive post-arrival PCR test.

Russia has been accused of hiking gas prices in an attempt to undermine Britain and the EU’s economic recovery from the Covid pandemic, the Daily Telegraph reports. The paper says Russia’s state-owned energy corporation Gazprom is facing an investigation into a sharp rise in the cost of natural gas and a knock-on effect that threatens to disrupt the supply of meat in the food chain within a fortnight.

The Financial Times says the UK government is now scrambling to to respond to the surge in natural gas prices. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng held talks this week with officials from the business department’s “energy resilience unit” and has requested a meeting with the chief of National Grid, the paper says.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express says food and drink supplies could also be heavily disrupted by a shortage of carbon dioxide. The paper says the delivery of meat, beer and fizzy drinks might be affected within days.

The Sun reports that Strictly Come Dancing has been “rocked” ahead of Saturday’s new series after two pro dancers refused to get Covid jabs – leaving some celebrities reluctant to pair with them. The paper says the pair are the only professionals out of 18 not to be vaccinated. The BBC said it would not comment on “speculation of somebody’s Covid vaccination status”, adding the show would “continue to follow strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of all on the show”.

And finally, the Daily Star reports that a number of people have never tried traditional British dishes such as toad-in-the-hole and spotted dick because they say the dishes don’t exist.

Fears of food shortages within days,” is the warning from the Daily Express amid increasing concern at record high gas prices and their possible effect on the wider economy. 

Deliveries of products such as meat, beer and fizzy drinks could all be disrupted. 

The crisis has also “stoked a surge in electricity costs”, according to the weekend Financial Times. One energy analyst predicts this could lead to the UK being left with fewer than 10 suppliers.

The Daily Telegraph leads on accusations that Russia may be “rigging” gas prices to hinder the UK’s recovery from the pandemic. One Conservative MP calls its a “grey zone conflict… where economies are directly targeted to cause political strife”. 

The Guardian reports that the government has sidelined independent behavioural experts, in favour of more “in-house” Covid advice. 

Prof Stephen Reicher, who contributes to the Sage subgroup SPI-B, said ministers still needed people who could “speak uncomfortable truths”.

Another expert, Prof Susan Michie, said it was important to retain SPI-B’s advice because what happens this winter “will depend to a considerable extent on people’s behaviour”. 

A government spokesperson said the group’s advice was still informing ministers’ handling of the pandemic. 

“We have lift off,” is the Daily Mail’s take on the easing of international travel rules for England. 

The paper says the announcement has set off “the great autumn holiday stampede”, with travel agents “deluged with bookings”. 

Discounts of more than a third are being offered on trips to Spain, Greece and Portugal. 

The Times reports that travel agents are planning for what could be their busiest weekend since before the pandemic, with Turkey already “proving popular”. 

The weekend i says squadrons of “kamikaze pigeons” could be used to foil future drone attacks. 

Researchers in the United States are attempting to harness the birds’ flocking instincts and acute vision to draw them towards the particular sound and motion of a “quadcopter” drone. 

The pigeons would then be trained to fly at the machines en-masse, neutralising attacks at the cost of their own lives. 

While acknowledging the idea appears “far-fetched”, the i says the approach is not entirely new because scientists during the World War Two perfected a technique to train pigeons to pilot a glider-type bomb by conditioning the birds to recognise an image of a target.

The Sun reports that Strictly Come Dancing has been “plunged into crisis”, after two of the show’s professional dancers refused to get coronavirus vaccines. 

The duo’s decision led to “vocal protests” from celebrities who did not want to be paired up with them. 

Producers are said to be fearful of a spate of “show-wrecking Covid cases”. A source has told the paper that an outbreak that takes out half of the cast would be “curtains for the show”.

And finally… several papers celebrate the exploits of Ralph the dachshund, who has conquered one of Britain’s highest mountains. The Express reports that Ralph “shocked climbers” by scaling Snowdon in five and a half hours. The paper estimates the trek will have involved 72,000 steps for the dog who is just 22cm (nine inches) tall. In reaching the top, the Daily Mirror salutes Ralph’s “peak” fitness and calls his journey “summit special”.’

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