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Oct.22, 2021: @AceiShop

The Reckoning: Rape Culture and the Crisis in British Schools

“After Scarlett Mansfield collated 200 accounts of sexual harassment, inspectors put her former school on notice. Could it be the first of many?” 

A Very Big Little Country

“Today, there are nearly 100 active micronations around the world, although the number fluctuates frequently. They engage in diplomacy, have feuds, military uniforms, and self-fashioned leaders with opulent titles, because—well, why not?” 

A Jim Crow–Era Murder. A Family Secret. Decades Later, What Does Justice Look Like?

“Today, the official records of these older killings are often inaccurate. If they aren’t corrected soon, the true stories may never come out; many witnesses to the crimes of the Jim Crow era are aging and dying.” 
Today’s Story RecommendationsHere are our favorite stories from across the web, along with original essays and reporting from our own contributors. 

A Man Divided: F Scott Fitzgerald and the Birth of Gatsby

“Through the narrator Nick, Fitzgerald describes the nightmarish, soul destroying, drunken despair of the mortgaged millions trapped in the conformist suburban sprawl financing their personal versions of the dream on hire purchase.” 

The Enumerator

“Then, an invitation arrived in my inbox: BE A CENSUS TAKER…At $25 an hour, the work was a potential lifeline. As a journalist, I was intrigued by the possibility of observing the enterprise—’the federal government’s largest and most complex peacetime operation,’ according to the National Research Council—up close. How, I wondered, could the government safely […] 

Inside Amazon’s Huge Gamble on the Next Game of Thrones

“And so these books, with their gauzily painted or starkly heraldic covers, their comical abundance of pages published for the delight of furtive young boys and girls curled up reading by themselves in bookstore corners, waiting eagerly for their authors to publish the next installment (picture me here one more time, a child again, sleepy-eyed […] 

“The Fire Is for the Greedy”

“Nawabshah, home to more than a million people, has the untidy, nondescript feel of just about any other small Pakistani city: tangled power lines, tacky roundabouts, squat buildings. It has one consistent claim to national fame, however: its dry, punishing heat, the suffering of which residents flaunt with pride and masochistic smugness.” 

Two Kids, a Loaded Gun and the Man Who Left a 4-Year-Old to Die

The children will never recover from what happened inside a D.C. apartment. The owner of the illegal gun faces far less serious consequences. 

Rice, Fat, Meat, Streets

“Why does biryani mean so much to so many people on the Indian subcontinent? The answers may be found on the streets of one of the world’s food capitals: Karachi.” 

The Last Days Inside Trailer 83

“As climate disasters increase, a last-gasp FEMA camp for wildfire survivors tests the government’s obligation to the displaced.” 
Today’s Story RecommendationsHere are our favorite stories from across the web, along with original essays and reporting from our own contributors. 


“When you buy into the myth of the singular genius, it becomes unseemly that a brilliant writer might need an equal partner in an audio producer to coherently package and adapt their thoughts for a new medium. It’s why we experience a twinge of distaste when we find out a prominent figure worked with a […] 

172 Runners Started This Ultramarathon. 21 of Them Never Came Back.

“As temperatures dropped toward freezing and rain pelted the trail, runners in China’s Yellow River Stone Forest 100K knew they were in danger.” 

Writing from Home: Lessons from a Novelist-Slash-Small-Town Newspaper Columnist

“Small towns around Wisconsin are depopulating, the main streets emptying and shuttering. An American way of life is disappearing, and with it, an exchange is made. If there is no future for small-towns, what about local media like the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram? Who will report on the illegal acts of multinational corporations polluting the countryside? […] 

The Last Supper

“There were outstanding invoices from plumbers and electricians, wine sellers and brewers, furniture sellers and marble suppliers, plus a dozen of Tsebelis and Giazitzidis’s jilted Brassaii suppliers now losing on the company a second time around.”

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