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Welcome to a journey through tormented mind of a Broken SOUL
All parts of this Diary were donated to Kindness to
Share one personalizing hell referred to as a Break Down
The Author of this Diary shares hand written days in their life and a letter restyled by typing the actual page
It will give you an insight into a black mind yet an educated mind.
This read is dated in dates to follow
Perhaps you to have this nightmare or someone close to you
Perhaps we all need to understand what go on behind closed doors of a Break Down of a Broken SOUL.
Nothing has been edited or emblazoned within the typed pages
You are invited to comment on the Diary
We will publish all comments and thoughts.
No human on Earth should suffer the emotional torture of a Broken SOUL the silent disease of torture
Never judge a person when you see someone that becomes a recluse or you may not see their illness
There are no signs of physical illness, these folk may appear OK. Oh! yes you are to busy or you don’t want to get involved or you catch depression. There lies the danger you isolate yourself from the patient
To a Broken SOUL be very careful what you say to them.
Never say โ€œ your looking good today”
Never say โ€œ you’er strong, you’ll get over itโ€
Never say โ€œ I had a mate he committed suicideโ€
Never say โ€œ that horrible person did that to youโ€
List goes on and on
A BROKEN SOUL is living in a glass case, they can’t get out, they smash against the wall suffocating, they don’t trust anyone in fact they can’t fathom why the world still spins or how you can go to work when you’re world is stuck in the dark without glasses plus a sadness, anger within themselves burns like fire. A Broken SOUL can’t even bathe themselves or walk ten paces without breath.
They hide their weakness to ashamed of the world finding out, cause everyone else expects you to be strong.
To keep it simple without long DIFFICULT words manipulated to solve the problem with drugs.
We have to be kind, very compassionate as broken soul’s are very FRAGILE. Just say (without any expectation), โ€œ can you tell me how I could make a difference in your worldโ€ Mean it, Don’t say it if you don’t. Broken Souls are fragile to the extremes of their raw senses and will feel betrayed by your advances that may tip them over the edge. Be sincere, slowly trust will build and then one step backwards then two steps forward.
Shortly after hug them, soothe them, however long it takes. Your reward is if you save one broken soul’s life you have succeeded to helping a life becoming a full functioning happy soul. Be a Humanitarian reach out to someone today. Peace ๐Ÿ•Š


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