Are you a victim or a force that shows yourself as a beautiful leader yet deceive many.
If I am to look upon you this day, who would I meet the real you or the counterfeit known as your ego, who pretends to be a trusted one but under the disguise is empty. Or if I was to expose you, then your ego will play the role of victim.
So I will tell you who you indeed are, for I asked and came and saw this messenger of mine around a couple of years ago, and he said he was love for I was love, and any failings were when he fell away from being close to me. Some of that answer was not in words, but I read his heart. That’s when I made him my messenger for he was about to die, and he only just learnt that from me. He was to return to Heaven, but his love chose you and me for he had found his true self in my passion. So my beautiful children return to love and discover the beauty I see in you, don’t be my betrayer and have many words that are meaningless and empty, without love. Love is not just a kind word it fulls of my life as is faith. I sweep across your lands, so my energy is there for all to accept or reject and go back to your pretend games.
I am pleased with many of you dear people starting to understand this. Try to surrender to me and the degree you are in my divine plan you also will be children of God and you will and can grow to be the beauty of your home, the heavens.
Thank you, dear Jesus, thank you for opening me up to have that living faith to write this. Amen. Luke Le Bree.