A Crime Against Humanity ~ AUSTRALIA ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

I heard on the radio tonight about an alleged murder-suicide, whereby a 42 year old man doused a car in petrol and set it alight, killing his three kids. His partner escaped, but the man died from injuries he inflicted upon himself. The partner died in hospital a short time ago.
If there’s one thing I want people to understand it’s this. If, say, a couple have been together for sixty years, and it has been a loving relationship and one partner develops a terminal illness and is facing a protracted death and they beg their partner to end their suffering, and they do, and then, they don’t want to live without their partner, so they commit suicide, that is a double tragedy. A tragedy for their family and friends.
When a partner kills their kids before killing themselves, as the result of a custody battle, that is not something that is understandable, it is a crime against humanity, and it is a crime against humanity for several reasons. Firstly, they are depriving their partner and their kids of a right to life. For all those who want to offer prayers outside abortion clinics or oppose euthanasia, here’s what you need to remember, an aborted foetus cannot live outside its mother’s womb, and regarding euthanasia, nobody is saying that two days after their 90th birthday they will be put to death, what they are saying is, if a person faces a protracted and painful death, allow them to end their suffering with dignity if they so desire, provided they have been assessed by two doctors who confirm that they have no chance of survival from the condition and there is an absence of depression. Secondly, if you have a religious faith, and you believe in an afterlife, one thing you would, or should believe in, is that you would want to look down from heaven and be proud of your family and friends with how they’re living their lives. I know, I would hate to think that a dear friend I miss would look down at me and see me as an alcoholic who lived and possibly died in the backstreets somewhere.
A person who kills their kids is not someone who is at the end of their tether, it is someone who is acting out of control. Domestic violence is not about having a stressful job, a mental illness or alcoholism, it is about control. They are denying their kids the right to a life and they are denying their partner the chance to have their kids. They are not devoted, loving parents, they’re murderers.
Furthermore, what some people ignore is, a skilled abuser attempts to create the image that their partner is lying, as the “good bloke” narrative (it’s not always men) is a crafted public persona. They want the public to think, “Oh, no, they wouldn’t do that! They’re so nice.” And that is typically why they don’t let many others see them.
Custody battles can be tragic, and murder-suicide is a crime against humanity.


By Kindness

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