A 7 weeks old Baby Boy is fighting for his life after being bashed by his Father


A 7 week old baby boy is fighting for his life after allegedly being bashed by his 26 year old “father.”

A seven-week-old baby boy is fighting for life in hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by his 26-year-old “father.”

We at FACAA refuse to call this so called man a father without the “quotation marks.“ Anyone who could possibly do this doesn’t deserve the title of father !

The man, from Caloundra West on the Sunshine Coast, was charged with grievous bodily harm, police said last Saturday.

Police began to investigate the alleged attack after the infant sustained ‘significant’ injuries last week. The baby boy was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital on August 10 and has since been transported to the Queensland Children’s Hospital. He remains in hospital in a critical condition.

The 26-year-old man was arrested on Friday, following inquiries from the Child Protection Investigation Unit. The so called “father”, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wept and had his head in his hands throughout his appearance in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday.

The Sunshine Coast man has been charged with grievous bodily harm but that would be upgraded to murder or manslaughter if the boy succumbs to his injuries, the court heard. Prosecutors say the boy was in his father’s care when the alleged assault happened. He claimed the baby suffered an “unfortunate accident” but a doctor said the baby’s injuries were inconsistent with his story, police prosecutor Matthew Kahler said.

“What happened, happened on his watch,” Sergeant Kahler said.

“Fractures of the ribs, et cetera, are not consistent with his version. That’s significant, your Honour.”

“It’s uncertain as to how the child’s health will progress over the coming days and weeks.

“Certainly, he is a risk of dying.”

The boy was taken to hospital on the Sunshine Coast last week with significant injuries before being transported to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

The man, who also faces a charge of possessing dangerous drugs, was refused bail. Magistrate Michael Quinn deemed him an unacceptable risk of failing to appear in court and interfering with witnesses. Mr Quinn said the case against him was strong. He was remanded to next appear in court on September 16.

What kind of monster could do such a thing, if he is found guilty, we at FACAA can only hope he gets the maximum sentence for assaulting this precious little child.

If critically injuring a 7 week old baby doesn’t warrant a maximum sentence, what does?

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