Hello YOU 😁

You might think you don’t matter in this scheme of things, but because of you, someone likes themselves a little more because you made a passing comment today that made them feel good.”

Never underestimate kindness inside you

One person may change that persons’ life

We welcome everyone to visit the Happiness Authors at DAZZLE

This Blog is for you🌞🌝😁

Our Life Journey through time and places we traveled to corners around the world about existence on the existence planet.

Our world is colorful, funny, peaceful, music and dancing in the rain.

Sad, quiet, and most of all never boring.

The best thing about me is I’m not important. I’m no one; I’m a LIMITED EDITION.

My Favorite. Saying is “you stay there, and I’ll be, back” guess what? I NEVER GO BACK!

“Always under the radar cause that’s the way I like to live.”

Anyway, that’s about me!
Just the Tea Lady, Editor and sometime designer.

As we add Categories

Hold on for the ride. 🌞

A new morning
Has Arisen
Thank you
We made it
For another day
I will await
For you to come home
To be in your arms
Waiting to feel your Breath
On my lips
Forever 💙

Always be the best person you can

Be kind even when your tired

Be understanding even when you’re angry

Do more than you’re asked to

And don’t ask for anything in return

Don’t silently expect anything at all

Listen when someone talks and really listen too, stop thinking how you will reply

Tell people you love them and that you will appreciate them too

Go out of your way to help others

Be the greatest person you can be when you mess up, make up for it that moment or the minute or the Day

One thing you should never do?

Never spend your time trying to prove to anyone that you are great, your actions speak for themselves

And we all have a limited time on this EARTH, don’t waste it

If someone doesn’t see the your light, don’t worry

Like moths to a good flame they will be attracted to your flame

And to the light they will come

Dedicated to my Husband just the way he is 💥
My Mentor👑

Stop waiting for Friday
For summer,
For someone to fall in love with you,
For life
Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting
And make the moment you’re in right now happen
Life’s like that folks
When you’re still looking for that miracle
It may be with you right this moment
Kindness in Paradise


21 thoughts on “Hello YOU 😁”

  1. Hi, may I copy this quote unto my site? I will link back to you as I always give credit to the author of a quote or thought unless it is credited anonymous:

    “You might think you don’t matter in this scheme of things, but because of you, someone likes themselves a little more because you made a passing comment today that made them feel good.”

    Never underestimate kindness inside you

    One person may change that persons’ life”

    Liked by 2 people

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