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Love, your Friend ~ Kindness😁

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know……that virtue cannot separate itself from realitywithout becoming a principle of evil. Albert Camus said that, and he was right.When we become too virtuous when we thinkourselves to be oh, so right, we become dangerousto ourselves and others. Be careful of those who […]


When love ascends to its highest levels humanly possibleThe sheer intensity renders the ambiance burst at the seamsThe dewdrop pauses, streams freeze in their tracks. The earth wobbles on its axis and is still.Photons gain mass and disperse through the cosmosShedding light like the magic wand of a witchThe sky becomes the earth and the […]

JUST LOVE me the way I am ~

JUST LOVE Love me on Xmas dayLove me on New Year’s dayLove has no holiday. Love me on any dayOf the yearLove me from any placeIn the worldLove me at any timeBy day or nightWhatever’s the dayWherever you areIt is the dayIt is the placeIt is the timeTo love meSo just love meAnd nothing else


THE DAY I FELL IN LOVE Ha I remember the dayMany years ago or soYou stood before meHead turned to the floorDowncast eyes Your face gently looked upIn videomatic slow motionEyes enormousLips whimpering in silenceCheeks rose in fresh bloomFace uneasy expectationA look of apprehensionYour lips faltered on the magic phraseAs you uttered it, a catch […]

Cpt. Jack Sparrow ~ Loves Harlem Beautiful Women 🔆👐

Now the dead past seems vividly alive, And in this shining moment, I can trace, Down through the vista of the vanished years, Your faun-like form, your fond elusive face. And suddenly some secret spring’s released, And unawares a riddle is revealed, And I can read like large, black-lettered print, What seemed before a thing […]


Eyes perpetually scanningComes to rest on a pair of eyes,Cupid in his misty cornerLet go of his sure arrow;Somewhere in the confinesOf your brainA chemical releasedAnd presto you are in love. Eyes speaks volumesA lift of the eyebrow speaks moreA smile delivers a messageDeciphered by the concerned.When hearts keep timeWhen breaths follow suitWhen thoughts synchronizeYou […]

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