“THIS DREAM IS ALL ABOUT YOU.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Admit You Little Creations, Lord of Love.” in the series “LUV.” Thursday, 11/14/2019

One love accepts, one rejects, one creates, one destroys.

ALL IS LOVE, and AllInAll, we have many girls and many boys,

ALL vying for attention and wishing to,

Be heard, the LOUDEST by The Creator YOU;

Sometimes, it seems, you can’t avoid,

Having to listen, but FILL THE VOID,

Here and There with LOVE and LOVE,

Which is: HATE and LIKE below and above.

LOVE it ALL, when LOVE means “accept,”

And cast some away, for balance must be kept.

Choose your friends but, there’ll NEVER BE,

A “truly aware one,” for na tur al ly,

THE FOUNTAIN (perhaps) DOES GUSH (both) GOOD and BAD;

Sometimes “happy;” sometimes, “sad;”

Sometimes CRUEL, in The Name of LOVE;

ALL are ME.

Am “I” (The One) you’re dreaming OF?

fin <3

I will kill the spiders, I will share my fries with you when you’re finished all yours and are still hungry. I will never be rude to your belly when I hear it growl and rattle, I will eat the mushrooms when we order the supreme pizza . I will kiss your paper cut fingers and the door slammed finger and the counter bumped hip. I’ll try my best not to get annoyed when you talk in my ear listening to movies. I will be the big spoon and let you win at wrestling and sometimes I will threaten you with a big feather duster sometimes, other times I will cuddle you instead, I will send you silly little texts whenever I want to and buy random gifts when I want, and I will remind you to feed pussy even if you forget and remind you to drive safe, if I want to paint I will hold your hand whenever I need kiss you to, even when you play tennis and it’s forty love I will halt the game and I will love you, I will love you, I will love whenever I want. I promise to love you even when you have a tissy fit if you want to, cause I know your default button ! And when you wake up a look at me with that look ” who are you” I will wash your mouth out with soap and water just cause I’m in love with you 😁

By ace101

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