Just Kidding not me 😊

“JUST KIDDING.” a poem November 4, 2019 [MONDAY]

“You know ABOUT THAT LAST POEM the last one? Well, I was only JOKING.

Take me seriously 👽

You know YOU CAN’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. I was merely poking,

Poking around probing PROBING for your FUNNY BONE.

I know your funny 😄 bone!?

Just kidding, just joking I hope it didn’t make you moan;

I hope it didn’t cause you alarm, or get ya to think REAL serious.

I’m never serious, ALTHOUGH maybe SINCERE? Wasn’t it delirious?

Don’t you wanna STILL clickAlittle ‘LIKE’ upon THIS bloody site?

Just joking. KIDDING. Ha, ha, haHa. Don’t you see the light?

What? You mean: THAT YOU REALLY TOOK IT, reallyTookIt TO HEART?

No. ComeOnNow. COMEon. We don’t have to start,

Considering that this rubbish THAT I scribble [around] here and there,

Really has any particular meaning or value.”

&thenSomeone will tear,

Me from LIMB 2 LIMB and break my bones with their bloody hands,

Saying: “I don’t wanna hear this.”

“Who really understands,

What it is we’re doing. LIFE’S SUCH A MYSTERY,

Maybe Stephen King shouldREALLYhAVEcalledHisStoryMISERY,

By another title, like: ‘What All Of Us LOVE To Do,

OVERandOVERagain EVERY DAY, to every one.’ “

“Break my feet; then, I’ll sue,

And, CAN’T I BREAK YOUR BONES TOO? Aren’t we having so much fun.

LIFE. A MYSTERY. I love you, My Wayward Son.” 🙂 – L. O. L.?

fin <3

By ace101

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