RESPONSE.” a poem, a.k.a.: “A Response To Upset Poetry Readers From The Mystic Poet.” SATURDAY: November 2, 2019 Fify Shades of Mr Grey 👴

“RESPONSE.” a poem, a.k.a.: “A Response To Upset Poetry Readers From The Mystic Poet.” SATURDAY: November 2, 2019

Thank you, Mr Grey
Sir 👄

Yes, please, protectYourself againstTheLikesOfMe, WhatYou consider abuse and or treachery. IF you see me as an abusive and treacherous guy,

I AM, but (please, I hope) realize I don’t (consciously) INTEND to make you cry,]

To hurt you or abuse you, but, if my poetry, lateness or anything does,

Shades of Grey 👀

I APOLOGIZE to any precious, sensitive aspects you might have just because,


Except (for now) be VERY “on time” and see this thing through,

THIS THING which is a relationship with a wonderful [gal or] guy,

Who has, arguably, very strong opinions&expects exactitude; I won’t ask WHY,

Which to ME, to me, to me bordersOnInflexibility, and I’M INFLEXIBLE TOO,

InManyRespects, but weAllGotta doWhatWeDo; So, if you’d like toContinueTo GetTogether, And read some of my poems, I DO NOT wish to cut “the tether,”

& I shall read & please know, I write what I do, AND, IF I START A POEM [THAT] YOU DON’T WANNA LISTEN TO, FOR ANY REASON, PLEASE LET ME KNOW,

And I’ll STOP and go on to another one so,

You will NOT have to listen to something you consider BAD,

Because I DON’T WISH to ever purposefully make you sad,

BUT “Life does bring sadness sometimes and, if I seem to, I’m sorry,

BUT THAT’S LIFE; It ain’t always a bed of roses; there’s some JOY & some STRIFE,

And, sure, I have anger, perhaps A LOT, but I don’t wanna take it out on you, (pause)

Or, maybe, GOOD FRIEND I really do,] And, if that’s the terrible situation,]

Please feel free to tell me, “Bye, Bye,” and go on vacation,

But that’s NOT what I WANNA DO, for vacations will end,


& obviously, we have differing points of view, ] Even about what a truly, good friend is there to do, ] AND THAT’S JUST FINE, Oh Friend of Mine, ]

For with friends AND ancient enemies I think we must be willing to dine. ]

Sometime(s), we might discover THAT EVERYONE MIGHT BE,

A friend &anEnemy, but I stillSee,] value in The Encounter, whetherWith smileOrScowl,

Whether with words of cursing, very fowl, Or whether with criticism, called fair, when I don’t think, That un requested criticism does anything but STINK,

And so I’d like to FORMALLY request all the criticism you’d like to give,

To this abusive, treacherous FRIEND, with whom you’re FORCED to live,

And I FORMALLY APOLOGIZE for whom and what I AM to THEE,

But I won’t apologize for, you know, BEING ME, A LATE &early PAINTER&POET,

A friend & an enemy, and you should know it, So, you can effectively protect yourself from the likes of “J,” Who is content with being MANY SHADES OF GRAY.



By ace101

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