“STAY.” a poem a.k.a.: “Of Course.” October 22, 2019 (Tuesday)

The one who really, really loves you will always be telling you “To Get Lost.”

STAY with THAT PERSON stay with them at any cost,

Grab onto them and never let them go;

Tell them over and over HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM.

Let them know,

That you can no easier get along without them as fly to The Moon.

Of course, then, THEY WILL TAKE YOU THERE, and,

If they call you “a loony tune,”

Thank them very kindly and hold on ever tighter.

And, if it’s a girl (or a guy, I guess), be sure to biteHer,

And DRAW BLOOD, just like a werewolf would.


Jump right in and EXPECT TO DIE;

Of course, whenever you do that with someone who REALLY loves you,

You’ll both simply fly,

AWAY. Then, people will say: “Where did they go?

We wanna go too,” but no one will even know,

That you are just floating together outside a little way(s) above the trees,

Hobnobbing with air molecules and the birds and the bees.

And, as you look into The Eyes of The Beloved, THAT ONE will again say:

“Go. Get out of here. Flee. Please go away,

‘Cause IF YOU STAY, you might break your heart.”

“That’s THE IDEA,” you can reply; and you’ll never part;

You’ll become ONE FLESH, one person or thing,

And The Wedding Bells in Heaven will ring and ring,

And angels and demons and THE Buddha and Jesus,

Will say: “Hot dog, we’ve got another one; let’s go seize us,

Some new meat and we’ll gorge ourselves on a ‘delicate soul,’

For, recapturing ALL THE LOST ONES is basically our goal.”

fin <3

The hardest thing in life
Is to find happiness
If you’re lucky
Never allow anyone to steal your happiness from you 😔😌

By ace101

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