Melanie’s Season ~ Goodbye 👋


“MELANIE’S SEASON!” a poem August 24, 2019 [Saturday]

Intro: One of our favorite tellers, who has worked at the bank here for many years, left Alpine; everyone will miss Melanie, petite & kind! We wish her & her husband the best!

Melanie’s leaving! So, I’m gonna cry!

Melanie’s leaving! I don’t know why!

But maybe everything happens “for a reason,”

And the last several years? We’ll call-it: MELANIE’S SEASON!

MELANIE’S SEASON had – clean bills (of health),

And Melanie’s smile, in a bank full of wealth,

But a bank isn’t wealthy, just because it has money;

It’s A RICH BANK because of incredible folks! like: “Melanie Honey,”

And “Isaac Honey” and “K[C]rystal Honey” too!

And Annette and David! Sometimes, “green” erases “blue!”

Well, I’m green with envy – when I think-that- Me l -a-nie,

Is leaving us; so, I’ll-cry – Yes! con-stant-ly,

In My Heart all day to-day,

And, for her family, I will always pray:

“That Abilene – will be nice and cozy,

And welcome them (graciously) – and that life is ever ROSY,

And that Happiness always awaits for This Special Her,

‘Cause Melanie’s wonderful! Yes, She’s-a sweet – won – der!”

fin ♥