Care ~ perfection

“WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!” a poem 16 Aug 2019 (Freya was a mother too!)

Maybe a lot more people care,* but you expect them to act a certain way,

AND THEY DON’T!!?!! So, you are OFTEN apt to say:

For instance:

“You really don’t care – because you’ve not called me today!”

Or: “If you REALLY loved me, you-WOULD-HAVE-remembered my-birthday-is-in-


SUCH PEOPLE WE MIGHT CALL: “relatives!” or “a sister” or “a brother,”

OR “household pets!” or “people who-call-you-MOTHER!”

What you expect THAT-SHOWS-YOU- they-care, YOU MAY NOT GET,

BUT! Don’t GIVE UP! For, you can always place this bet:

That when you least expect it, they’ll do JUST what you KNOW,

They SHOULD HAVE DONE to show you they care! Then, you’ll glow;

KNOWING they truly, absolutely – and always did CARE,

And-you might maybe even-go-so-far-as-to DARE,

To “imagine” that you DON”T-really-know – always what others might do,

To show they REALLY care,

For “little ol’ YOU!”

fin <3

  • – (about you) THAN YOU THINK!