Top secret neighbors come to town©️

“TOP SECRET!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Numinous Neighbors!” Sunday (August 4, 2019)

Hush!-Hush!-We’ve-done-some-“research!” ’bout-our-new-neighbors-‘cross-the-alleEy!

And-we-can-only-say: “It’s-prob’ly-‘Agent-J!’ ” &-his-wife, code-name: “Mata Hari!” *

There’s a son over there: “code-name”-a: “C!” **

An’-a–dog-‘n’-a-nother-boy! Don’t look-at-me!’

The whole thing looks suspicious (pause) for “J” hails from Mon-tana!

But-they-look-all-together-TEXAN! and-I-ain’t-seen-no-bandana!

Plus, there’s-a-Scottish-name! “Beam us up there, Scot-TEE!”

And they’re cleanin’ their-goat-head-ridden lawn, better-‘n’-you-‘n’-me!

With so many cars, we figured right away:

“It’s M. I. – 6 or F. B. I. or-the-bloody C. I. A.!

We may have to shut down [our]-“ops:” “Alien Encounters, Inc.,”

Because-they-might-notice alien body parts, which-seldom-but-sometimes stink!

They could be “double agents,” for-when-I-suggested-(we-do)-some-kar-a-o-kAYe,

“J” just smiled and-indicated: “Merle-Haggard’s-mA-MAIN-STAY!”

So, I test him-out and-said: “OK! A-duet-o’ Country Gold!”

But HE-HESITATED – and I-cogitated: “There’s-something-we’re-not-bein’-told!”

They could-be: “MEN IN BLACK,” going-undercover-DEEP,

In-this-place-of-Close-Encounters! The-night-skies-can-make-you-weep,

Because it gets so dark here! and-we’re way out in the BOONIES,***

So aliens come to visit-us-often; we’re-a-S. E. T. I. **** bunch-of-loonies!

fin ©️

** – We have received “intel” that “C” is planning to enroll at the local college and play football. IF he can run REALLY fast, faster than the other boys, he is likely to be an alien, since he’s got white skin! It would be like Superman of Krypton, and that’s just so unfair to the other boys AND not very “American,” if you ask us!

*** – a thinly settled, rural area! short for BOONDOCKS!

**** – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence:

So, we’ll hold-our-judgment for-NOW, but we’ve leaked them a-copy of-this-poem,

And we’ll just wait – and SEE – IF they’re-settlin’-here, plannin’-t’-make a-happy-home,

Or IF they’re super secret government agents – or just plain alien spies,

Come-t’-check out “operations,” hidin’-the-fact [that]-they’ve-got 3-EYES!!!