Cuteness overload ~

“HER CUTE!” a poem for: M* Wednesday: 07/31/2019

“Cute as a bug’s ear,” smiling wide!

If you don’t fall in love with HER, you’ve prob’ly died!

Because – she’s SO CUTE – the angels cry,

And Jesus Christ?** Well, He’ll just-gently-sigh,

When He thinks about “M,” for She’s-cute-BEYOND-WORDS:

She’s got:



And-attracts all The Nerds!

All The Nerds are magnetized-to-Her-cuteness, when-She-goes: “Tee-hee,”

And Her eyes glisten and Her halo shimmers (that’s-right!) CUTE-FUL-LY!

She is FULLY CUTE, with nothing wrong,

And, if-you-get-close-to-Her-lips, [you can hear] She’s singing “THE Cutesy Song!”***

She’s got SO MUCH CUTE, my Heart just-swells-with-LOVE,

And-all-the-time – IT’S JUST PURE CUTENESS, I’m-dreaming-of!

fin ♥

  • – She knows who she is! Everyone has their SPECIAL M, especially The Mysticx Poet! However, consider that her name might be: MIGNON (which is French for “cute” or “darling!”) Mignon, a character in Ambroise Thomas’ opera entitled “Mignon,” is a gloriously cute thing; she is a gypsy flower girl in love with a nobleman! (The opera was based on a novel by Goethe!)

** – for Jesus, Her name might be: MARY or MARIAM!

CONNAIS-TU LE PAYS? is French for: “Do you know the country?”

OUI, JE VEUX PAR LE MONDE: “Yes, I want The World!”

Celestine Galli-Marie was credited with playing Mignon in the premiere of this opera!


By ace101

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