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Andrew Scott is a murderer on parole, he recently bashed a mother and her son in their home

The judge gave him 9 months behind bars but he is immediately eligible for parole.

So by my understanding, if someone is on parole for one crime and they commit another crime, doesn’t that mean they should return immediately to prison and complete the remainder of their original sentence ?

Well, Andrew Scott is on parole for murder ! He was originally given a life sentence, so surely after he stormed into a woman’s home, bashed her and her son, he should return to prison and complete the remainder of his lifetime behind bars with hard labour ?

The judge did send him to prison, but stated he could immediately apply for parole.

Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of parole, or going to prison at all ?

They might as well install a revolving door on the prison !

Scott was at his home in an apartment complex in Gladstone, Queensland, when he forced his way into a home, attacked a mother and punched her child several times, over an item he found in his mailbox, a court has been told.

Yes, that’s why he attacked the mother and her son, because apparently he believed the son placed something in his letter box. If that’s not the lamest excuse for assaulting a woman and her child, that I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is !

Andrew Lawrence Scott, 55, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court last Friday to enter a dwelling with intent/threaten violence, assault occasioning bodily harm and going armed to cause fear.

Scott was already a convicted murderer, who was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour, however, he was released back into the community on parole.

The court was told up until June 11, 2018, Scott was performing well on his parole. You know, that is… until he forced his way into a home and bashed the mother and child who lived there, oh yeah and a week later he went to his apartment and got a baseball bat because someone apparently stole his hose.

During the court proceedings the court was told there had been ongoing “neighbourhood issues” between residents at the units and on this day Scott had found an item “stuffed” in his mailbox. Scott believed the person who put the item in his mailbox was the victim’s child so he went and spoke with the mother.

When the mother denied her son’s involvement. Scott became enraged and the pair began to verbally argue. Scott pushed the woman’s face with a closed fist, causing her to hit a brick wall behind her and fall to the ground.

Her son came to the front door and told Scott to leave his mother alone. Scott turned towards the child. The child was standing behind a closed screen door trying to close the main wooden door when Scott pushed through both doors and put his hands on the child’s shoulders.

Scott pushed the child to the floor, walked over and punched him in the chest multiple times, the court was told. The mother stood, grabbed a cup and threw it at Scott. She screamed at Scott to leave her son alone and to leave the apartment.

Imagine how terrified that boy was and probably still is every time he hears a knock at the door, every time he hears someone moving around out the front of his apartment. This poor kid did absolutely nothing to cause this murderer to beat his door down !

Scott is obviously unstable and should be locked up for the rest of his life !

So that’s what sets Scott off enough to bash children….. something in his letter box, or taking his hose. Wow, I’d hate to see what would happen if you egged his house, or smashed a window. Seriously, these things can happen, but none of it is cause to kick someone’s door in and bash the mother and child who live there.

Of course Scott has excuse after excuse, Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield fought for her client to stay out of jail and asked magistrate Dennis Kinsella to give him a “fighting chance”.

The court was told Scott had a difficult upbringing and suffered several physical and mental health issues. A report prepared for the court stated Scott suffered depression and anxiety and showed a “significant defect” in his communication and interaction skills. The court was told Scott suffered a traumatic head injury that contributed to his ability to make decisions and his cognitive capacity.

A report stated Scott’s risk of re-offending was low, however in an unfamiliar setting and when exposed to a hostile environment there were “significant risk factors”.

So,, … if he’s not somewhere he knows and someone looks at him the wrong way… they better look out. Hardly, a person you want around your kids.

He has already bashed a mother and her child ! He didn’t step up to someone the same weight as him, in a fair fight, he bashed a mother and her child !

In another confrontation he went for a baseball bat.

This is not a good man, this is a murderer who was given a life sentence with hard labour. He was paroled and for 15 years he followed the rules, but now he has shown us again that he is capable of hurting people, for the most petty reasons imaginable.

Mr Kinsella said he could not risk releasing Scott into the community and imposed a nine-month head sentence with immediate parole eligibility to run concurrent with the life sentence. As of Friday Scott would be eligible to apply for parole.

Come on ! Judge you say you get it you say he should be behind bars and then say he can immediately apply for parole ! Why contradict yourself so badly ?

Once again our judges say one thing and do another, they say they know Andrew Scott should be locked up and then immediately grant him the right to apply for parole.

He commits murder gets life behind bars,… paroled. He kicks the door of a mother and child in, bashes them, gets told he’s going to prison and gets another chance at parole. COME ON WAKE UP JUDGES !

Keep these monsters locked behind bars where they belong !

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