Bar of Dreams + angels


โ€œBAR OF DREAMS! [Build it; they will c[o]um[e]!] a poem, a.k.a.: โ€œBattle Of The [extremely long pause] Millennia!โ€ June 3, 2019 (Monday)

Are all men pigs; all women, dogs?
Men? SWINE?! Women? B โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ ES!? BOTH โ€“ in-thick-fogs!?
Do men always leave? Come back! Then, s โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ w someone else?
Must women always get jealous [and want-you-to-too] and NEVER say: โ€œHellโ€™s
Got no fury โ€“ like the wrath of me โ€“ me โ€“ me!โ€
Wonโ€™t she cut it off-and-laugh, saying: โ€œNo-one-[including-me]-gets-you! Tee-hee!โ€
AND โ€“ โ€œI donโ€™t want you anyway; Iโ€™ll find me A BETTER MAN!*
Oh, did-I-do-that? YOUR FAULT! You-failed-to-have-a-good-plan!โ€
Is The-Only-Plan-Available: Men are bees, programmed to go from flower to flower?
Have you decided to always be an A-hole & flaunt your โ€œapparentโ€ power?
UNTIL โ€“ Itโ€™s obvious to all that you are weak and undependable!
โ€œGOSH!โ€ He said; โ€œI really thought I was SO com-MEND-able!โ€
โ€œNo,โ€ she said; โ€œTHE WORD IS: EX-PENDABLE!โ€

[โ€œAn old maid, by any other name โ€“ is just as sour!โ€]
The saddest person โ€“ waits until THE FINAL HOUR,
Longing to have: him! or her! or IT! or Whatever!
And keeps coming up with excuses about why-IT-wonโ€™t-work! HOW CLEVER!
Are PEOPLE EVER REALLY VERY CLEVER? Or just SWINES & B โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ S?
Arenโ€™t PEOPLE PRECIOUS?! Are they ALWAYS โ€œtoo big for their britches?โ€

NO! because you already knew it, you s-x-craving gnome?!
So, shall we say: โ€œOhm,โ€ meditating โ€™til we die?
Or โ€“ f โ€“ โ€“ k until we die!? WHY NOT TRY!?
Or โ€“ Give up? or What? Where are you going?
โ€œTO THE BAR OF DREAMS! Heart-broken! HUMAN! and NOT knowing!โ€
TAKE HEART, Ye sad, โ€œFemmeโ€ [u]nd โ€œMale,โ€ / believing that โ€œThe Battle of The S-x-sโ€ will always prevail! / For [Itโ€™s-a-secret!] every 100,000 + 1 year / TWO โ€œFREAKS,โ€ upon-this-Earth-do appear! / โ€œA swine woman!โ€ &-a-โ€œDawg man!โ€/- It-is: part-of โ€œA Divine Plan!โ€ / And they will demonstrate > โ€œproperโ€-sexual-etiquetteโ€-to-set-things-straight! / And they-AINโ€™T homo, bi- , straight or late! / Wait upon them; just you wait! / And their love will FILL THE EARTH! / Defining: love!-s-x-stuff!-and-โ€œtechniquesโ€-to-achieve-โ€œconjugal worth!โ€ / And youโ€™ll know [when they cum]; youโ€™ll feel it โ€œin your bones,โ€ / For youโ€™ll notice the s-x-a-l transformation โ€“ in your โ€œbumpsโ€-&-your-moans! / Itโ€™s โ€œThe 100th Monkey Effect,โ€ for โ€œin-love-folk!โ€ / REALLY! GET READY! For: โ€œMushy-Love-Stories,โ€ re: โ€œecstasy-of-โ€˜the-YUMMY-STROKE!โ€™ โ€

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