mr~ mrs cuddly poo ~ the sudden appearance of an angel 🕺

“THE SUDDEN APPEARANCE AND DISAPPEARANCE OF AN ANGEL!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Voice!” Yeah! Ha! lee ash-Thursday
May 16, 2019 song: “STAY!” series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!”

You’ve the voice of an angel – and you look like one too!
I’m so crazy, just crazy! So, what shall I do?
[I-know] I’ll write you a love poem and I’ll sing you a song!

And-say “The features of your face – are-SIMPLY-ALL-WRONG,
Because no human girl – has features so fair,
That blend – with her silken and beautiful hair!

It proves my first point: YOU’RE AN ANGEL – DOWN HERE!
Ya-ha! Yippee! Yahoo! I STARE,
At your smile and your soft angel hue,
And I sing this love song; I hope-you sing too!

‘Cause – I wanna be hypnotized – with this love; it’s so blue,
I’m sim-pl-y cap-tivated – to-be near you,
But I-am so silly! I-wish to con-fess:
“You are an angel! and I am a mess!”

But, who cares, tonight! I might find you alone,
And watch the love light – in your eyes! Love has shown,
Me-a-moment of-bliss, as I melt here tonight,
And, then, passes that moment! and you’re-clean out of sight!

But I still hold this love – in a Heart, held for you,

And I hope that one day, you’ll return into view!

fin <3