Where here in a lost land 🐍🐲🐛

“THE CLOUD[S]!” a poem, a.k.a.: “They’re Here! They’re Here, Boss – In The Land of The Lost [And Found]!” after Cinco de Mayo Sunday 2019!! May 6, 2019 [Monday] We’re HERE! We’re here! (pause) in-a LOST land, Smile and RE-member, Pajama People of The Band: IT’LL “FUZZY-OUT” WHEN IT WANTS TO – and give reception some time; THERE IS NO DECIPHERING IT; it is, after all, [The] Cloud[s], in-a-rhyme! You’re ALREADY “stuck” in some Land of Lost-ness, but TAKE HEART, You-are-along-for-a-PLANE*-ride, and, from you, “I” shall never part! Plus, when-upon The Precipice you do stand, Look down and you’ll see: I’M HOLDING YOUR HAND! Avoid TOO MUCH gazing into The Screen!! Close your eyes! I KNOW where you’ve been! I KNOW where you’re going – It-is: NO-WHERE; The tambourine sounds, and “YOU’RE HOME, DEAR!” (here) For, in My Heart, The [Our] Heart of Hearts, Just hold this hand; there are NO CHARTS; “Google Maps,” it-is a dream; and-we’re-in YES! an-illusory-“stream;” Try, try, try – NOT TO SCREAM, but-smile, and-The-Sun’s warmest-beam, Will strike your cheek! You-needn’t-“be saved,” As The Girl on The Corner – waits, I “WAVED,” For he holds a sign: “JESUS SAVES! HALLELUJAH!” and Humanity raves, In-some LOST HOPELESSNESS, awaiting some “promised state,” Which-is-ALWAYS:-The-State-of-Confusion, so, do-NOT-wait! GET ON YOUR BROOMSTICK OF DREAMS AND FLY, Meaning: “You’re-always-already-HOME,” in-this-Sweet-By-&-By! fin <3

I’m A honey delight ❄ cream cone 🍦🍦🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍦

SHUT – UP 😁😅

– in a flying machine – or – another dimension!

Just another day in Paradise valley 🌞

By ace101

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