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I was recently nomination by for Liebster Award. Thank you so much for this nomination, Awards always brings good vibes and boost up our works and Iโ€™m really glad to receive it from you

Please, go check out Lifetubeblog.comb log for awesome poetic and art related contents. Heโ€™s good in creative poetry in a unique way for presenting and i wish him all the good luck for his future writings

The question asked by are as follows :

1- What made you want to start Blogging?
โ€“ Blogging was not in my mind before to be honest but i love to think about topics and had a habit to dig more and more on same till i get satisfying solution. Recently was came to know about this blog platform where we can share our thoughts to the world which made me to stand here.

2-What are your favorite books/authors and why?
โ€“ My all time favorite is Shrimad Bhagwat Geetha by Lord Sri Krishna.ย 

3-Whatโ€™s the best advice youโ€™ve received?
โ€“ Talk less, do more and never stopย 

4- What inspires you to write ?
โ€“ Our day to day lives where everyone come across different aspects of life and its positive & negative shades.

5- One memory that puts a smile on your face.
โ€“ Not all memories makes smile on our face which will be remembered for long time so iโ€™m still waiting for that smile, hope iโ€™ll get one soon

6- A favorite quote or like from a book.
โ€“ My all time quote โ€œEvery End Has A New Beginning Soonโ€

7- One thing on your bucket list?
โ€“ Be Kind Be hopeful

8- What would make the world a better place?
โ€“ Peace and Satisfaction can bring any magic to make this world a better place


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My Questions:

1.What makes your blog different?
2.What niche or topic will be the focus?
3.How will you manage design and customization?
4.What will be the tone of the writing on the blog?
5.What is your content strategy?

My Nominees:

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Thanks guys for reading & supporting


Nicholas McDonald/Faulkner is a dangerous rapist who was released without any supervision !


Nicholas McDonald/Faulkner is a dangerous rapist who was released without any supervision !

Nicholas McDonald/Faulkner is a dangerous rapist who was released without any supervision !

Share this story so we can help to prevent any young women becoming future victims of McDonald aka Faulkner !

A rapist jailed for attacking three women has walked free without consideration that he be declared a dangerous sex offender in a decision the Western Australian opposition has deemed a โ€œcatastrophic failureโ€.

Nicholas Rodney Troy McDonald, who now uses the surname Faulkner, spent nine-and-a-half years behind bars for attacks committed over two days in November 2010.

The Dangerous Sexual Offenders Review Committee did NOT refer McDonaldโ€™s case to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

If they had, the DPP could have made a dangerous sex offender application in the WA Supreme Court, which potentially could have resulted in McDonald being subject to stricter supervision, including electronic monitoring.

The Prisoners Review Board instead placed him on a post-sentence supervision order.

Premier Mark McGowan said he was โ€œsurprised and disappointedโ€ when he learnt what had happened.

โ€œIโ€™m going to get urgent advice on whether or not anything can be done about that, but clearly, itโ€™s not a good situation,โ€ he told reporters.

The Prisoners Review Board and the Department of Justice have been contacted for comment.

So what can you do about it ?

Email the WA Attorney General Mr John Quigley directly and DEMAND he place Nicholas McDonald on the dangerous sex offenderโ€™s list IMMEDIATELY !

Let him know that you and the rest of the FACAA will not stand for this insanity. Sex offenders can NOT be trusted in our society especially if they are unmonitored !

McDonald aka Faulkner is not a paedophile and has not sexually abused children, however he is a dangerous rapist who has sexually abused 3 young women who must now live with his actions for the rest of their lives.

Opportunistic rapists donโ€™t care how old their victimโ€™s are and many do rape both adults and children, if the opportunity presents itself.
So please make the time to email the W.A Attorney General at-

His email address is

Let him know that you are a proud FACAA and you will not stand idly by while dangerous sex offenders are set free, especially with no monitoring !

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W.A.S.P. โ€“ Wild Child


I ride, I ride the wind to bring the rain. A creature of love and I canโ€™t be tamed I want you, cause Iโ€™m gonna take your love from him When I touch your face with hot burning skin No, heโ€™ll never ever touch you like I doSo look in my eyes and burn alive the truthIโ€™m a wild [โ€ฆ]

W.A.S.P. โ€“ Wild Child
Wild Child

Cherish Life that Abideth โ€“ William Morris

Advertisements Love is enough: cherish life that abideth, Lest ye die ere ye know him, and curse and misname him; For who knows in what ruin of all hope he hideth, On what wings of the terror of darkness he rideth? And what is the joy of manโ€™s life that ye blame him For his [โ€ฆ]

Through the Trouble and Tangle โ€“

Advertisements Love is enough: through the trouble and tangle From yesterdayโ€™s dawning to yesterdayโ€™s night, I sought through the vales where the prisoned winds wrangle, Till, wearied and bleeding, at end of the light I met him, and we wrestled, and great was my might. O great was my joy, though no rest was around [โ€ฆ]

Animal Rights



A Childhood Memory~


We shall not ever meet them bearded in heaven Nor sunning themselves among the bald of hell; If anywhere, in the deserted schoolyard at twilight, forming a ring, perhaps, or joining hands In games whose very names we have forgotten. Come memory, let us seek them there in the shadows. ~

Cpt. Jack Sparrow

Cpt. Jack Sparrow rides against the Waves of the Caribbean Ocean


I know you want to achieve something,
With a dream you fall asleep and get up early.
You are waiting for life to bring you something,
But you will understand the life of science.

You have hundreds of obstacles along the way
And your goal is so far according to words,
But Iโ€™ll help you find a way out,
You are making a difference to yourself.

Today your hike will begin for glory,
Today you will discover the power in yourself.
I will share a great secret with you,
All the power is kept in your head.

There is no power more powerful than your thoughts,
They paint a picture of your life.
Let me add a touch to the drawing,
Let my words take me to the top.

You must change the way to change the way,
Light your will, charm, strength.
Let the words be able to become your heart:
Everything in the world is possible, donโ€™t wait for comfort.

I built the resistance to you for a start,
Your path will begin, to achieve a dream,
The Book is, from now on, your life is a map
You continue to die, you go to the goal.

His latest work is A Life Well-Lived, a selection of photos and stories of people across Nebraska highlighting their stories from the past 70 years. These are photographs and stories of those who might be forgotten in the rush of history.

Waiting ~


I love you
So I want you
And I need you
By my side
Forever and ever.

If I donโ€™t see you
I am not able
To hug you
To kiss you
So miss you
Lonely for you
Long for you
Pine for you
Hope for you
Seek for you
Wait for you
Even die for you
If I lose you!