Sorrow 💫

“IF.” a.k.a.: “Undistinguishable.” From this state of great distress, I wish to getaway.

In a state of comfort, warmth is where I wish to stay.

In vile weakness, as I turn, I wish for strength to have, For strength, I wish to hold onto – in strength I need no salve.

In impotence and uselessness, I feel my being lost.

To function and be useful, I wish at any cost,

And, yes, I shun this bad distress; if useless and so weaK, I am, thus, just inadequate, but, IF I took a peak

And saw above conditions, as counterparts all are, I would be contented be forever, Slug or God or Star. 💫

Mystic Poet ~

It is a Blessing

And a curse

To feel every thing

So very deeply



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