Passions of The Evil Light ~

When the Light shines on the souls of humans and reveals their sins, they hate it just as the bank robber hates the searchlight the police have turned on him. The truth which Jesus brought, humans recognized as a claim on their allegiance, because they were made for it; but since they had perverted their natures by evil behavior, His truth stirred their consciences and they despised it. All their habits of life, their dishonesties, and baser passions roused them in violent opposition to that Light.

Queen of the Shadows ~

Thee, Queen of Shadows! — shall I still invoke,Still love the scenes thy sportive pencil drew,When on mine eyes the early radiance brokeWhich shew’d the beauteous rather than the true!Alas! long since those glowing tints are dead,And now ’tis thine in darkest hues to dressThe spot where pale Experience hangs her headO’er the sad grave […]

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