My Dear Angel of Loveliness πŸ’•πŸ’•

Talk to me by the fireplace.

Talk to me by the fireplace.

And February circled

Trees were decorated with frost.

Well, girlfriend, how are you?

How do you live your years?

Life asked and drank tea

Looking out the window at the weather …

How am I living Yes, as I can.

I love, sin and believe in God.

I grieve, sad and hate

And sometimes I don’t see a way out.

I rejoice to the sun, with the rain I cry

I believe in good, catch good luck

I know how to sympathize with people

I can give the offender a change …

So what do you want from me?

Life asked, bowing her head slightly

You live like everyone and it seems like everyone is happy

So why do you worry involuntarily.

Adding boiling water to a cup

Life came closer to me

Gently hugged over the shoulders

And the soul became quieter.

Tell me Life but not melt

After all, you know me from birth.

Are you always fair with me

Perhaps you often reproached me?

Maybe something did not.

Maybe she just didn’t want to

To be with me then

When my soul was sick.

And looking into my eyes

Life answered me with a smile:

I always loved you …

Always guarded you.

You were not unattended

I sent an angel to you.

Invisible two wings.

They walked with you all the time.

You do not blame, girlfriend, on me

Maybe I’m strict too much

But if I weren’t

What would come of you then?

Well, you are silent. So I’m right

I always tried for you

You love me

After all, I will not be yours twice.

And for a long time I was still whispering with her

Silent in her arms.

And next to the angel hummed

Embracing the wing that Life is beautiful!



My Dear Angel

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You wear a wonderful smile put it back on😁

“You’ve had such a positive influence on my life and you don’t even realize it.

Now you’re the one who needs help and I promise I’ll be there to support you.”

Yes, the mistake you made was a big one, but don’t hold it over yourself. No one is perfect and I’m sure you’ve already learned your lesson.”

“It’s easy to judge someone without knowing the full story.

It’s harder to be kind and understanding while you don’t know everything about the other person, but it’s the best route.”

“You’ll gain more experience over time not overnight. So be patient with yourself.”

“Why can’t you see yourself as I see you? I see your beauty in all its splendor,yet you cry at every insecurity. “

“Don’t feel bad about being sensitive. This world could use a little softness.”

“It’s perfectly fine to recover at your own pace. This isn’t a race, it’s a journey.”

“Everyday you’re trying and I’m so proud of you.”

“Take back the flame you had before life took away your joy.”

“You alone are the author of your life story. Make it a best seller.”

You wear a wonderful smile put it back on

Hugs and kisses comfort your sensors.

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