Natural ~

As you look back on your life, you will often realize that many of the times you thought you were being rejected from something good, you were in fact being redirected to something better. You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life happen. Because sometimes the truths you can’t change, end up changing you and helping you grow.

Kindness πŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈ

Coercive control is a key part of domestic violence. So why isn’t it a crime across Australia?

Psychological abuse and controlling behaviours can be apparent before perpetrators murder their partners. So let’s take these coercive behaviours more seriously and make them a crime. β€” Read on

The Road ~

The Road goes ever on and onDown from the door where it began.Now far ahead the Road has gone,And I must follow if I can,Pursuing it with eager feet,Until it joins some larger wayWhere many paths and errands meet.And whither then? I cannot say. ~ J. R. R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

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When you find yourself in the Wrong Story

I felt you leaving in the heaving of my chest.

I felt you growing bored in the tremble of my fingers

I felt you slipping in the knots of my stomach.

I spent all of my time with you being terrified of you walking away,

that when you finally did it all I felt was numb.

It’s part of life that you silently remove yourself from

When you find yourself in the wrong story

Run the other way

Don’t look back

Cause you can’t go that way 😌

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way πŸ˜‚

Jack ’S a very smart Guy πŸ˜‚