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Pedophile Hunting in Ireland – World News

UP UNTIL the last ten years paedophile hunting was a relatively unknown practice in Ireland despite the apparent large number of them living here, however, with the emergence of social networking sites the phenomenon has gone from strength to strength with it now becoming one of the nation’s favourite pass times.

WWN travelled to county Tipperary this week to visit a local fox hunt who has decided to take matters into their own hands and swap hunting foxes for paedophiles.

“We’re basically killing two birds with the one stone here,” explained master of hounds Thomas Kinsella, “hunting innocent animals has had its day in Ireland, but we still enjoyed the social aspect of the hunt and began discussing what could replace the fox, with the obvious answer being paedophiles and sex offenders”.

In May last year, the Tipperary horse enthusiasts launched their first ever paedophile hunt outside the town of Fethard, with the pilot day attracting thousands of riders.

“Many of the people brought weapons like maces and swords, which wasn’t the plan,” Kinsella said. “We wanted to keep it traditional and let the hounds do all the chasing down and killing. Besides, killing them with weapons is way too quick a death for these sick bastards. There’s nothing more enjoyable than hearing one of them squeal for their life while being ripped to shreds by the dogs. Nothing!”.

It is estimated that 1 in every 10 people in rural Ireland are raging paedophiles with the hunt now claiming to take out 5-10 per day.

“Instead of a horn I use an electronic speaker that blares out ice-cream truck music to bring them out. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel really, but it’s great fun all the same. Once dead, or nearly dead, we then scalp them as a trophy – because obviously humans don’t have tails”.

However, the paedophile hunt has come under fire after brutally savaging an innocent man who was just out walking with his dogs last September.

“Look, we’re bound to have some teething problems, and that man was wearing socks with sandals, but all-in-all we’re slowly eradicating child abusers from the general population,” Kinsella finished.

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