J Jay Samuel Davis

“Numinous Pneuma.”.🏹

“Numinous Pneuma.”. You say you are a breath of wind; “Oh, really!” I reply / Well, fine wind blown into my face will often make me cry. / You say you are not anything; I’m not sure what that means, / But Love, perhaps, is nothing too, and it makes many scenes. / “Breath of Wind,” if I breathe in, you’ll keep me quite alive, / And withoutSWEETlove, Dear Friend(s), howWILLwe e’er survive? / You are the wind that comes to me and fills me with direction. / You are The Holy Spirit, Love, a most Divine selection.

Kindness Prayers for unconditional love ❤️
Just one more night ❤️🕯️

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By Mystic Poet

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