J Jay Samuel Davis

Miracles of unconditional love ❤️

Good morning ❤️

Let the heart sing,

Let a miracle happen in life,

The feelings will be real,

Eyes alive and burning.

Your breathe is sweet as the morning dew

Eyes black as diamonds glistening

Waiting to taste the Ambrosia wafting up your nostrils

Miracles of tenderness

Gently fold as as the first glows of sun like splinters of fractured glass cuts your senses

These are miracles of unconditional love ❤️

Miracles of unconditional love ❤️

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JESUS IS ON THE CROSS AT MY HOUSE. (Written this year. Some days are unpleasant, to say the least; however, interesting thoughts sometimes issue forth from hopelessness, helplessness, sadness, fear, hatred & anger.) Jesus is on the cross at my house. I see Him when I look in the mirror. He wonders when He will […]

Blessed Be ~ Woman 💁

A man is born through a woman, and he is raised by a woman, and he falls in love with a woman, and he marries a woman. And I am surprised about the man, who doesn’t respect a woman. Truely said.. It’s often a Paradox that most Men do not often consider the women he […]

The Book of No Change (or What’s It All About, Alpha?!)

(Dedicated to ALL MY FRIENDS, especially My Folks, who turned out to be the best Friends I’ve got!) The Davises DID have a baby . . . and IT WAS ALIVE! CHAPTER 1: AVADHOOT, THE POLAR BEAR. Avadhoot, the Polar Bear, lived in Siberia on a big piece of Ice that simply floated around in […]

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