Meet “The Virgin Rainbow:” The Most Valuable and Mesmerizing World Gem…🇦🇺

Meet “The Virgin Rainbow:” The Most Valuable and Mesmerizing World Gem…🇦🇺

Opal – Australia 🇦🇺


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The gem. Known as the Virgin Rainbow, the rare multi-colored gem is believed to be the world’s finest opal.

The gem was unearthed by John Dunstan, an Australian opal miner, in 2003 at Coober Pedy, a remote outback town which is known for its high quantity of opals.

Notably, residents in the town live in underground caves called “dugouts” because the temperature in that region is outrageously hot.

But wait — what’s so special about Coober Pedy? A lot, apparently.

Opal was initially found in Coober Pedy back in 1915, and since then the town has been supplying most of the world’s gem-quality opal.

It’s a tourist hotbed and most residents are employed by the tourist industry.

The area has over 70 opal fields, and is the largest opal mining area in the world.

The Virgin Rainbow is actually an opalized fossil.

Indeed, the Virgin Rainbow is an opalized fossil.

It comes from an extinct cephalopod, belemnitida, that existed during the Mesozoic era, roughly 252 to 66 million years ago.

In other words, the stone is actually made of dinosaurs fossils that changed over time.


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