J Jay Samuel Davis

Humble~ Kindness

“PLANNING.” a poem for: Saturday January 11, 2020

“There is no plan.” “I think there is.” In God we move around.

Who knows exactly where we are or, maybe, where we’re bound.

“Not my will, Lord; may Thine be done, for YourPicture is so wide,

I think that, perhaps (pause)

I (pause)


So, until ThePicture’s full in view, which, maybe, y’know, for me,

May never be,

IshouldHUMBLEmyself, (pause)

For I don’t often see,

ThingsTOOclearly. (pause) This I think: (pause)

“Sometimes, I AM amazed,

About TheTHINGS IthoughtWEREnotGOOD (pause)

(They) turnOUTtoBE OK.

fin ♥

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