Button πŸ”΅

Izzy, loved Buttons πŸ”΅ so much so that Buttons πŸ”΅

Ruled her life with thoughts of Buttons πŸ”΅

Even collect Boxes of Buttons πŸ”΅

Tins of Buttons

Learnt to count buttons πŸ”΅ with here toes

Even toys had buttons πŸ”΅ so she stored every Buttom in Her Box

She was dazzling in Buttons πŸ”΅

And all the friends she collected had button πŸ”΅ features

Tricky Poetry, you work it out πŸ˜‚πŸ”΅

And then she grew some more and found boys who had buttons too πŸ”΅

Oh my Men had Buttons toooooo

Buttons πŸ”΅ oh what a life Buttons everywhere

Buttons galore πŸ”΅

Life was full of delightful buttons πŸ”΅

I married my button πŸ”΅ man

The love of my life with a house of buttons everywhere and all our kids had button πŸ”΅ Faces tooooo

The mystery of the default Button πŸ”΅

Poetry ~

The landscape sleeps in mist from morn till noon;And, if the sun looks through, ’tis with a faceBeamless and pale and round, as if the moon,When done the journey of her nightly race,Had found him sleeping, and supplied his place.For days the shepherds in the fields may be,Nor mark a patch of skyβ€” blindfold they […]

Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soulmates and Twin Flamesβ€” Read on i can’t escape this haunting housecracked and cold and minesplintering wood and blood-warm gutsall perfectly entwinedmy brain trapped in the atticmy heart on the frigid hearthmade me believe in cursesno cure I could unearththe only sound in silenceslithering up and through my framewears my voice as its […]

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