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“BABY KNOWLEDGE ON BEING RUACH.”* a poem January 2020, based on considerations presented by Mystic Teacher Alan Watts.

“BABY KNOWLEDGE ON BEING RUACH.”* a poem January 2020, based on considerations presented by Mystic Teacher Alan Watts.

“Isn’t The Bible an infallible guide?”

A: “Only IF you want ‘a crazy ride,’

And won’t think for yourself ’cause authority, it’s clear,

Is up to YOU to decide; Yes, My Dear.”

Here’s a miracle. First, breathe with a will,

And look around and be kind of still,

And remember, as a babe, when you looked around,

You could NOT differentiate with anything you found.

Back then, you KNEW the truth was clear,

You were NOT separate from anything ’round here.

But soon that vision was obscured with the teaching,

Received on advice of school & preaching.

So, have we a version of existence per fect?

Well, you can believe whate’er you se lect.

“The People will get The Government they deserve.”

Thus, sayETH “The Wise,” but here’s the curve:

Truth’s easily distorted, based on cultural things,

So, re-newing baby eyes, difficulty this brings,

Regarding expressing what you really mean.

For instance, The Biblical Son** of God we’ve seen:

Jesus, in His day, declared He was so,

And declared to his disciples, as they were on the go,

That they TOO were Ruach,* i.e.: of The Whole,

That each one of them WAS “Divine;” yes, each soul.

A human being REALIZING “God one-ness,” **

Might find describing it a crazy mess,

But that’s OK, for “The Good News,” we confess,

Is: “BABY AWARENESS” is OK, more or less.

fin β™₯

  • – In Hebrew, ruach means spirit or breath, corresponding with pneuma in the Greek.

** – Realization of Divine Sonship, an overwhelming conviction that you have mistaken your true identity, which is an expression of The Eternal, The I Am. Suddenly, you can understand no boundary between what you do and what happens to you, as everything plays out some part in this amazing Cosmic Drama. The Good News: That The Divine is in EVERY soul; whatever happens to me, please try to just remember that, OK?

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