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“PERHAPS LOVE.” a poem a.k.a.: “Everything You Give.” December 11, 2019 (Wednesday: Karaoke Day)

“PERHAPS LOVE.” a poem a.k.a.: “Everything You Give.” December 11, 2019 (Wednesday: Karaoke Day)

MY LOVER GAVE ME a beautiful shirt; IwearITforHER at night;

Ifeel how much She loves me; this blouse, it holds me tight.

MY LOVER GAVE ME a set of rings some chains and a beautiful charm;

I wear them close against my skin. THEY SHIELD ME FROM HARM,

ForMYlovelyLOVEisTRUE, andPure; She’s the only one for me;

I’m so lucky; YES, I AM. I’m swimming “in Her Sea.”

MY LOVER GAVE ME fabric, to touch and stroke and smell;

The perfume of my lover, it is my Wishing Well,

For I make me little wishes, andWhisper:”YouAreMYbestestFRIEND,

And love for my Sweet Lover, well, IT SHALL NEVER END.

MY LOVER GAVE ME all those things, but It’s, of course HER HEART,

Which My Lover gave to me; from IT I’ll never part,

And She has my heart too; we’re even. WE HOLD (our) HEARTS SOFT & TIGHT;

I dream of my Sweet Lover; in dreams, She’s clear and bright.

MY LOVER GAVE ME everything. Well, (perhaps) that’s what Love’s about.

Moral: “And LOVE is LOVE is EVERYTHING; of this, we have no doubt.”

Everything there is that’s REAL is really based on LOVE;

Everything that’s GOOD in dreams; it’s YOU I’m dreaming of;

& Everything WORTHWHILE is when you hold me, Dear;

& EveryWHERE I need to go;

It is to YOU I steer.

fin β™₯

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