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“NO ONE IS TO BLAME.”  a poem December 29, 2019 (Sunday)

“NO ONE IS TO BLAME.” a poem December 29, 2019 (Sunday)

Kindness ❤️🇦🇺🌅

If everything is finally stripped from us,   stolen,

Time, talents, hopes and dreams, memories  and all that keeps us “swollen,”

(and passionately alive)

If that’s finally taken from us by some Divine Reservoir,

I think we have some right to express some disdain & anger  at the waging of such war,

In this Realm  or The Being or The Force that precipitates all this crime.

“Who are you,” I ask, “who reduces the melodious singer to a mime?

Who are you, Oh, Reservoir of Creation,

Who forces all to fill your gaping mouth with blood and life?   Your elation

With all this seems disgusting and fills me with contempt,

As you deny us the opportunity to gracefully pre-empt,

This disgusting display and show of FORCE?

I OBJECT and challenge ‘your right’ to take this bullying course,

And topple empires, while destroying small, helpless people.”


I AM    “The Force.”    I SHALL topple your steeple,

Bring you to your knees,

Having you begging “Please,”

For one more breath of air,

One more hour I MIGHT spare.  (pause)


And I am “a flashdance” (flEshdance) without even one care,

For your suffering or concern.

Freeze, fool!   and I laugh   when you burn.

Learn of humility  and weakness from me,

For I am The Unfinished Symphony.

Love, while you can;

Make you another plan,

And I will think about it for a while; then, I’ll knock you on your can,


Because YOU ARE PART OF IT ALL, and you turn your snout,

Upward   to sniff and proclaim,

And your words fall on my Deaf Ears.”

“Yes, honey chile’   No one’s to blame.”


“Deep down,” I believe there is a loving cushion of Decency & Fairness,

Which will never fail to balance things, and to have this belief or awareness,

Provides some justification for us to keep trying, to not give up.

It is for all who have ventured HERE (below) that I offer this Loving Cup,

& I hope it justifies this silly, Mystic? Poet to say: “Things will be all right,”

Even though so many of us cry        deep into the night,

Pleading with someone UNSEEN   that (s)he would hearken to us & lean,

Close to us    and illuminate our minds, hearts & souls so that we might, once more, be fresh and clean.

Amen.    Blessings for Your New Year and beyond … .

fin  <

Happy New Year

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