“JUST FIGHTING.” a poem December 2, 2019 (MONDAY)

Fighting. Oh, fighting. No winning; no losing; just fighting; it’s all just the same. (pause)

PeopleThink They might lose, or maybe they’ll win,

But “JUST FIGHTING” isTheName of THIS Game.

Why fight? (IS) it expected? OR appropriate? OR just,

WhatOthersSay isTHEway WEshouldPLAY,

But I thinketh: “NOT SO,” and I think weALLknow,

That there must be some other “GOOD” way.

So, why not stop fighting? ANDacceptTHESE conditions:


Let’s forge OTHER missions, (pause)

LikeACCEPTING NOT suspecting,


Suggesting weN E E D ONEmoreFIGHT. (pause)

We don’t (I’m pretty sure); letUS just get along?

I accept: YOUR “incredible” MIGHT.

There is: WISDOM,


Or Whatever you think,

Are the best things toEXPOSE in This Light,

But I’d rather not fight, havingTO always admit

THAT THERE’S SOMEONE who’s “Wrong” or PLAIN “Right.” (pause)

DOESN’TthatSEEMreasonABLE? even perfectlyCLEAR?

Of course, now you’re “PERFECT” and will, (pause)

Do QUITEexactly all that you want,

But DISAGREEMENTdoesn’tMAKEme “a pill;”

Just a fellowWhoAdoresYOU, and wishes you the best;

HOPINGweDON’T haveTO (you know) FIGHT like the rest; (pause)

Yeah, I’m sick& quite hopeless, but I ACCEPT THOSE FINE TRAITS,

And I accept “likes” and also some “hates.”

EVENso, I might just pass me “THE TEST.” (pause)

Know there’s only ONE TEST (that) I’m interested to take: (pause)

THAT’StheTESTof”true”LOVE, whether below or above;

I’mJUST(a)poorโ™ฅHUMAN, tryingTO stayHalfAwake.

fin โ™ฅ

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Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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