J Jay Samuel Davis

“ENTERTAINMENT OF THE DAY.” a poem Dec. 19, 2019 (Thursday)

“ENTERTAINMENT OF THE DAY.” a poem Dec. 19, 2019 (Thursday)

The World waits, with anxious breath, for its next entertainment fix.

It’s actually FAIRLY EASY – Here’s one of the main tricks:

“JUSTkeepPeople INTERESTED (enough), so they’ll HANG to see what might happen.”

Now, ‘ROUNDtheWORLD people are INTERESTED in IMPEACHMENT “flappin’ :”

In Australia they watch; in New Zealand too,

Even though they should probably be asleep, forgetting about this “zoo,”

BUT people love their fix, so they’ll stay up late,

Even though they simply all could (just) WAIT,

For the ridiculous outcome of yet another AMERICAN EXPORT. (pause)

This sort of thing used to be called: / a wart; / you’d burn it off ’cause it annoyed you.

NOW, IT’S THE MAIN PART OF THE DAY; we have all gone too,

“The Dark Side” of Existence without ANY resistance. (pause)

Mrs. Darby of Devonshire just burned a tart, thanks to McConnell’s insistence,

That “This whole thing is farce,” but, of course, he’s Republican too.

The Democrats are “in sackcloth and ashes,” with beards colored blue. (pause)

Brazil is going wild; futball, as the main entertainment fix, may have to stall,

As they watch TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS, many are having a ball,

CARING about The Outcome of this media “spin.”

We’re {all} SO addicted to our next entertainment FIX, so, come on in,

AND witness The Senate’s turn, REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED,

BUT, Nancy Pelosi is feeling kind of bold,

So, she’ll refused to send the “ARTICLES” until She’s “sure” of “trial fair.”

I’m confused and amused. BUT, I definitely lack the care,

To watch any more of this crap; I’ve better things to do today:

LIKE: (1) delivering meals to the poor and gray;

LIKE: (2) picking up cigarette butts next to the highway;

LIKE: (3) shaving and showering so I won’t look like an abandoned stray;

LIKE: (4) taking a nap or scratching my _ _ _ _ s;

LIKE: (5) NOT answering a dozen or so telemarketing calls.

I don’t NEED this. (Nobody does) It’s like a movie watched for the 100th time;

It’s amazing how they can keep your interest; I’m NOT interested. I prefer a little rhyme,

And NOT TOO MUCH REASON. Besides, it’s almost Christmas Eve,

And there are cards to be answered and friends I wish NOT to leave,

Alone on (supposedly) the most sacred day of the year,

Where (supposedly) a pregnant virgin shed a gasping tear,

And THEN smiled on her newborn baby. “It’s all right, little one;

I hope you find the world entertaining; I LOVE YOU, my SACRed* son.”

fin β™₯

  • – Soon to be SACRificed to The Entertainment Gods, as The Greatest Story Ever Told.