Christmas the Birthday of the Lord 👑

T’was the night before Christmas

God glanced over the earth

He looked to and fro, all over it’s girth

They missed it again he said with a sigh

A heavy heart and a tear in his heart ❤️

I gave them my Son

My Greatest Gift 💔

So they could be free

My Greatest Gift💔

To the fro me.

And they traded me in for a man in red 🎅

A little tree too 👼

And a horse drawn sled 🛷

How do I save them

And make them see

My love ❤️ is complete

My Grace is Free

How do I help them

When all they know is a talking snowman ☃️

And a box 📦 with a bow

Maybe next year, they will stop and see

The Greatest Gift

Is a little 🧒 Child 🚼 from me 👼

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By Mystic Poet

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"