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“OH, GOD.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Whatever You Want.” December 2, 2019 (Monday)

GOD is good; GOD is true;

GOD’s a little bit crazy; how ’bout you?

GOD has perversions; GOD smells funny;

GOD may be stupid,

But is rolling in the money,

Yet, you need not remind HIM (her) of these facts every day.

Can’t you accept GOD in HER (his) “infinite way?”

Can’t you let go of the concept of blame,

And judgment and doubt? and fear’s just a game.

And Mame likes to party, but She’s MIGHTY mild,

And occasionally gets depressed and then sendS for candy.

GOD, like MY Aunt is stalwart and randy.

Thing is: “Don’t take life (too) seriously, or it’ll put you in a bind.”

It’s more like: unpredictable, silly, and MOSTLY KIND.

Don’t you just LOVE GOD, and THEN Heaven it comes;

GOD, good ol’ God is too good for us bums.

So, NO PROBLEMOifYou “trash” this planet? God’ll make another one,

And, even if you imprison Julian, GOD’s favorite son,

GOD will still adore you and take you to lunch,

And on a piece o’ GOD we’ll all sit around and crunch.

Come on, stop worrying about stuff; GOD doesn’t care,

If you’re a drunk or a punk or you’ve lost all your hair.


And, when you’re unhappy, GOD’s also blue.

And THEN, sides are switched, and GOD’s likeA mean dad,

Staring you down and acting really mad.

Thing is: “Don’t take life (too) seriously, or it’ll put you in a bind.”

THE PENDULUM SWINGS; it just “blowsMyFriggin’MIND,”

‘Cause CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT, back and forth we go.

Stagnation today means tomorrow WHEN WE GROW.

(Yet, there’s REALLY no growth, and you can’t much “hang around,”

For everything’s moving and changing, and we don’t know where we’re bound.)

fin ♥

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