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Wisdom ~ Kindness

Once upon fantasy, there were two of us who were taught by our Professor to

entertain on paper what we imagined others would read.

WordPress was our favourite learning tool. We wrote did graphics about anything we thought we knew. And by the way, it was called “BITS AND PIECES”

You name it we did it. Oh golly me, our skills we’re tragic.

If you are new to Blogging keep persevering you’re not alone here, folk came out of hiding to help us find our way. That first six months was a disappointment.

Categories galore, tags by the hundreds, no planning but a mirage of trashing.

Those first followers stayed with us and encouraged us. We learnt heaps

Along came J. Professor, pulling things together showing us it’s about being kind, compassion and humanity. Not about being a recognised Author or Writer, it was keeping things light sharing and caring that mattered.

Always encouraging us to share all our blogs with others, encouraging others who sometimes have writers block to search around other blogs and finding the stuff we were able to share. We always encourage others to share our stuff.

Wisdom ~ Kindness encourages diversity of writing matter. Many of the contents are an eclectic mix of black satire, humour, downright sexy, world History, Human Rights Watch, Animal Rights Act, climate change, Famous Artist, Famous Poets, Stories of yesterday, Pulled together by thoughts of Kindness and Wisdom,

J. Jay Samuel Davis is our inspiration and mentor.

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J. Jay Samuel Davis ~ Author

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You are always welcome and l feel honoured to have been mentioned in this post ….and have now added a discussion and comments channel, together with an Ace News Desk bot and eventually a shop with links through WP and Telegram at best prices just putting finishing touches to the pricing system it will be called New Jerusalem Gift & Grant Aid Agency and based on giving first with-out expecting to receive …more soon here are the links to above @AceSocialNews_Bot and

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