“TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.” a poem a.k.a.: “Shooting From The Hip.” November 10, 2019 (Sunday)

I kind of HOPE that “Taking Care of YOU” does NOT mean “Taking Care of me.”

Well, do you see the distinction? Hee. Hee? (pause) Heeee?

It’s like, when I wanna eat. “No, eating’s over rated.”

Or “I think I might sit down,” BUT “I have REALLY WAITED,

To go for a walk with you; so, come on now, DON’T you sit;

I WANT YOU up and running running every bit,

As fast and much as I often wish I could do.”

“May I rest just a moment?”

“Now, you’re abusing me too.”

“Must I defer to what YOU THINK is best?

I was just going to take a little rest.

I might be just a few minutes late.” “THAT’S N O T OK;

YOU M U S T CONFORM so this here day,

Can be all right FOR ME,” I say.

“Well, OF COURSE; that’s great. I understand.

Hip hip hooray.”

fin <3

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Thought for today
Are a blessing
Treasure those inside your heart
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone
Yesterday is dead and gone
The moral of the story
Cherish now
Never take anyone for granted
Only a fool would gamble with something as rare

Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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