J Jay Samuel Davis

It is I; It is I; “The Chronically Late One?”

DON’T LISTEN TO THIS HIM HER ME WHATEVER.” a poem for Thor’s Day, November 7, 2019

It is I; It is I; “The Chronically Late One?”

I MIGHT steal you b lind and take away all? your fun?

I turn friends to enemies? and bring friends to their knees?


And MARRIAGE; in BOTH there can be in famies.

Yes, it’s I. ME ME ME;

I appeal to YOUR LATE ASPECT, YOUR “chronic lateness.” You say: “Let me be.”

Perhaps over coffee, which we BOTH arrive for late, we two? can get together,

And we’ll plot HOWwe’llWRECKeverything and make it ALL bad weather?

It is I; It is I; and I’ll live FOREVERMORE,

And you can keep ME DOWN for a little bit, but, then, I’ll nail you to the floor,

Or to Your Suppressed Catholic crucifix (you can “hang” with Jesus), for I wanna be boss;

“Please, Daddy Dearest: With me, don’t be too cross.”

Remember: I’m also the one who knows Divine Timing,

Which is SOMETIMES LATE and CRITICAL in any kind of rhyming.

So, you can let me WRECK? (or maybe just loosen up) YOUR strict world or


For, I also hold THE BOOK OF LIFE lately; yes, I’ve even GOT THE KEY.

fin <3

POSTnote (moral): “Nothing can take control for very long, but EVERYTHING MUST HAVE ITS DAY,

Or else, there is no balance; so, please, please, find a way,

To allow SOME expression for ALL the aspects WE POSSESS x3

And THEN things can run RELATIVELY smoothly, in this apparent, CATHOLIC, I mean CHRONIC mess.”

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