“IRREVERENT APOLOGIST.” a poem for: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Life and Times of The J. Bird Church 🛐

A PERCH (chirp, chirp, chirp) OF THE FAITH, righteous? and pure,

So that I might believe that “BELIEF, goodOl’Belief is The Cure,

For allOfAperson’s problems, anxieties and woe.”

“Be a good bird, and that ‘line’ you must tow;”

“So, youMUSTremember, I sang in the choir, and IListened each Shabbat,

Being forced to attend services, and I remember that ABBOTT,

And COSTELLO theyWEREa favorite comic du et,

And I figured Lord Jesus to be a lot like Lou (Costello), at least a little, so I bet,

That YOU GOD must have a little sense of humor, and, therefore, you wouldn’t mind,

If I pokedAlittleFunAtReligion, for, afterAll, yaKnow, I was indoctrinated ‘from behind,’

Being tricked into believing that our pastors&elders understoodTHEtradition,

Of genuine, true Christianity and they would tell us our mission,

Which, as YOU know, is to ‘SERVE and OBEY, for there’s no other way,

To be HAPPY in JESUS,’ and, of course, YOUmightRemember (that) I did pray,

To be LED BY THE SPIRIT, which, asYOUmightRECALL landed me in,

About 3 or 4 different (other) cults, and IbecameSOsteepedINmYsin,

That I LOST: any sense of humor, peace of mind, health and/or the right,

To tell people to f _ _ _ off and/or put up a fight. (pause)

Well, I figured: If I can’t TELL ZEALOTS WHERE TO GO, I’ll kill ’em with kindness,

By making them laugh at all the ridiculous inconsistencies, youKnow, The Blindness,

That we all get to inherit as Good, Christian Men,

So, IF I’M A BIT ANGRY & IRREVERENT, please forgive me. Amen.”

fin <3

* – Of course, I am NOT complaining. Really. My parents are WONDERFUL, the kindest people I know. I just never took very well to authority figures, brainWASHING and doctrines, interpreted by lost and lonely clergymen. I am my WORST authority FIGURE, since I beat myself up more times a day than a woman hates her body, I can fall for & follow cult rules, bending my will to the will of GOD wonderfully well, never snapping, just transforming myself into a pretzel, which tastes really good with a dab of mustard and I just LOVE memorizing scripture passages and creeds, reciting them until my blue face bursts with righteousness and enthusiasm, sending me RUSHING doorTOdoor to tell everyone that I have FOUND THE LORD and “I’m saved.” Amen.

Nicely written. The sensibility of truth written by The Mystic Poet.

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