“IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED.” a poem for: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jesus tried? OthersSaid: “HeFAILED;” Can you tryANDfail too?

I don’t think so, but whyKeepGoing anyway? Isn’tIt a stupidThing to do?

Yet, WHY NOT? I think TRYING is a pretty perfect thing,

And in the end, manySaid: “He’s perfect,” and Jesus, HE did sing,

Upon a cross of sorrow, upon a cross of pain;


“Just keep trying, and, if you try again (and again),

Who knows? Maybe you can raise yourself up to be,

A TRYING SORT OF PERSON You know. just like me.”

So, let’s keep on walking as best we can on and on,*

Hand in hand together until we’re gone.

fin <3

  • – Back in 2014, having been in the guest house for nearly 3 years, clinically depressed & anxious, I tried to walk again. My parents walked then, but my legs were too weak to walk with them. I did Faster EFT, a tapping, affirmation exercise for 9 months and maybe that finally helped me to do a 30 day “discipline,” suggested by a spiritual fellow named Richard Rose.** I walked at night, so no one would see me, stumbling along. It was dark and dangerous, especially when it rained. It seemed very hard, but I managed the 30 days, I think. Then, I road a bicycle and tried to play some easy tennis. 30 days to break a habit; 30 days to “recovery?”

** –

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